Sunday, 28 December 2014



IMG_5303After a night and a takeaway meal at Giffard park we moved a couple of miles North in strong winds and picked up this mooring at Target turn just before Bradwell.

IMG_5310We have passed here many times and always thought that the ruin in the field next to the canal was an old barn or farm house.

IMG_5307But after walking down and having a look we discovered that it was an old church. It is st peters church and is Grade 2 listed. Believe it or not but the church was still in use up to the 1950s .

IMG_5306At least plans are being made to preserve what is left.

IMG_5312Next to the Church is this old dead tree. We have been told that it got hit by lightning . What a lovely shape, although Carolyn thought it was a bit scary.

IMG_5302I love anything that is free. All this fishing tackle didn't cost me a penny. It all came from the trees and bushes on the off side of the canal during the last few weeks. Those poor anglers cast out and get tangled up and then break their line ,thus loosing their gear. Along comes me on Inca and Bobs your uncle ,freebies. Just the ticket !!

                                                                                                           Happy Days

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  1. liked your free fishing tackle.unusual to see that church left like that. as soonas I saw that tree I thought what alovely shape tree.Inca was looking very lonely there on its own.