Saturday, 19 July 2014

Peak Forest canal


to bugsworth 006On Wednesday morning we pulled pins from our mooring above Bosley locks at 08. 30 and pushed on towards the Peak Forest canal. There are several swing bridges and lift bridges to operate and Carolyn even let me do one or two , but she still insists on doing most of them herself.


to bugsworth 011Passing through the outskirts of Macclesfield and most of the old factories you pass on the canal have been converted either into homes or offices.


to bugsworth 037What a not great boat name.


to bugsworth 042Yet another sunken boat.


to bugsworth 045This is the first time we have ever seen Giant Hogweed on the canals and it was a giant , it must have been over 10 feet tall.


to bugsworth 057We finally reach Bugsworth Basin


to bugsworth 058There are a couple of different basins in which you can moor. And luckily there was plenty of room so it gave us a good choice.


to bugsworth 062Inca on our mooring at Bugsworth. A lovely place , but unfortunately only spoilt by the A6 road which passes alongside the Basin . The basin was originally built to export the local Limestone and is steeped in history. The basin has only recently been restored and it has been done very well. They are currently looking for funds to try and build a visitor centre.


peak forest 006 The importance of lime over 200 years ago and today.         


peak forest 010After nearly seven hours of cruising and finally reaching the end of the Peak Forest canal there is only one thing to do.   Chill chill and chill.                                                                          


                                                                                                                                                                                                           Happy Days


  1. good blog nice place where you stopped.Abbie is here looking at this with me giving me a running commentary ,xxx

    1. Only a couple of weeks and Captain Curly will be with us on Inca...Can't wait.............

  2. Hi GP, hope all aboard is still as good as it was this time last year, i remember you were in London as it coincided with the birth of Prince George. can't believe how hard you make Mrs GP work, doing every lock !!! really !!!.
    can you tell me the importance of lime please as i thought it was what teenagers add to their Lager to make it taste nicer.
    seriously though, love the blog and great to follow your progress.
    all the best to you both .
    Mr and Mrs (nearly) David.

  3. Hi David and nearly Mrs David.on our way back towards London. Not sure if we will get there or not ,but Carolyn is pretty determined...Hope the wedding plans are going ok and you are not getting to stressed out ...I'm sure it will be a brilliant day...Hope the weather lasts until November!!!..All the best from Nb Inca