Thursday, 10 July 2014

Enjoying the Weaver


on the weaver 031We are enjoying the river Weaver so much we have decided to spend longer on it and go from one end to the other. The picture above shows the massive chemical factory at the western end and which is over a mile long.


on the weaver 063This is Weston Marsh lock and it drops boats down on to the Manchester ship canal. We are not allowed on that canal so we have to head back up the Weaver towards Winsford which is the start of the navigable river .


on the weaver 069The view from the lock and on to the Manchester ship canal and then the River Mersey and Liverpool in the background.


on the weaver 077We were not flavour of the day as we held up proceedings as we passed through Runcorn Rowing clubs Regatta. Still …we did win one race


on the weaver 110Carolyn is enjoying these big locks as she doesn't have to do anything.


on the weaver 116it’s a shame , but these semaphores on the locks don’t work anymore.


on the weaver 119The one big problem with the river Weaver is the lack of good quality moorings. So we were lucky to pick up this one just below the Anderton boat lift on our way back up the river.

We have now done one half of the river Weaver and just have to do the other half down to Winsford. This river has been such a pleasant surprise and as Alf said in one of his comments it is a true gem of the connected waterways, and we certainly agree with that.

                                                                                                                      Happy Days


  1. had a good laugh when wethought that Carolyn was chained to the post. .fancy upsetting the rowers nonwonder you were in the bad books I enjoy seeing the canals more than the rivers but a good blog xxx

    1. We love the canals , but the rivers are just unbelievable .....Roll on the Thames next year!!!!!!!

  2. Hi guys,so your heading down the trent & Mersey,we now live on a boat and are moored at shardlow.If your passing through drop us an e mail on
    & we can have a natter over a drinkypoos.
    Stan & elaine