Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Love hearts

peak forest 021After a very noisy night in Bugsworth Basin thanks to the A6 road we pulled pins at 07.45 and headed out of the basin.


peak forest 024Passing past the old managers house where they used to measure the depth of the boats in the water ,They could then calculate how many Tons of Limestone the boats were carrying.

After leaving the basin we went in to Buxton and winded (turned) and then returned back to the Tesco moorings next to the canal. When you are living on a boat and continuously travelling you have to take advantage of big stores next to the cut and fill the cupboards and wine cellar Bilge when you can.


peak forest 031It was then back down the Peak Forest canal and we passed a very sweet smelling factory. it is the Swizzles Matlow sweet factory.   Yes it meant nothing to us either , but it is where they make Love hearts and Refreshers.


peak forest 043This is a first , Apple trees on the Bow of a Narrowboat that we have seen.


to bugsworth 030We liked this boat name, Very clever !!!!!!!


peak forest 048There seems to be a lot of money around here and they even have His and Hers Helicopters.


peak forest 055Carolyn just had to take this picture ….


peak forest 057In all our time aboard Inca I have never been up and down the weed hatch as much as I have been in the last couple of months, Reminds me of the saying about the Whores Knickers !!!!. First it was when we were up the Llangollen and now up on the Peak Forest canal. On the Langollen it was mostly plastic bags and fishing line , but on this canal it is all weed and the odd bit of plastic.. The weed hatch is a plate you remove and this then enables you to put your arms down into the water to gain access to the propeller, and then clear anything that is on it. It can sometimes be so bad that you have to cut it off with a knife or even wire cutters depending on what is wrapped around your prop. I think Carolyn needs to be trained up to carry out this task , but I can imagine the reply I’ll get when I mention it.


peak forest 070Back to Bosley locks and with The Cloud in the distance and the Sun shinning it has to be one of the best views we have had so far on our travels.


peak forest 075

After several hours cruising and dropping down the 12 locks at Bosley we picked up this mooring at the bottom of the flight. Just after mooring we were joined by Ian and Bridget on Nb YSBRD RHYDD (which I think means Free Spirit , but please correct me if I am wrong). We first met them last year when we were down in Paddington basin . We spent a lovely afternoon together having a good old natter and catching up on what we have all been up to.

Tomorrow we move again and down towards the Harecastle tunnel and back on to the Trent and Mersey canal.


                                                                                                  Happy Days


  1. good as usual.that was a bit unusual seeing the apple tree there I thought right away that you ought to grow your own grape vines sonthat you could save yourself a few pennies. xx

    1. Grape vines??? That's worth thinking about !!!!!