Sunday, 6 July 2014

Anderton boat lift


to the weaver 136On Wednesday morning we pulled pins at 07.20 and headed up the Trent and Mersey canal towards The Anderton boat lift.


to the weaver 146 We passed this boat on the way, another funny boat name


to the weaver 155 We finally reached Anderton and this is the top of the Anderton boat lift. We booked in and then had a 2 hour wait before it was our turn to go down onto the river Weaver. As we were going on a river and it has a current we had to get the Anchor out of its storage place in the engine ole and attach the rope to the front of Inca just in case anything goes wrong when cruising on the river Weaver . The boat lift was built in 1875 and has two caissons each full of water and as one caisson comes up from the river the other one drops you down the 50 feet from the Trent and Mersey canal on to the river Weaver. The lift operated for over 100 years until 1983 when serious corrosion was found in the super structure and the lift closed. Eventually in 2000 £7 million pounds was raised to restore the lift and in 2002 it opened up again to traffic .


to the weaver 159Entering the boat lift .


to the weaver 167As you enter the lift the first gate closes behind you.


to the weaver 175The view down towards the river Weaver.


to the weaver 183This is the other caisson at the bottom of the lift.


to the weaver 194Here we go.


to the weaver 198Passing the the other caisson at the half way point. Carolyn looking a bit concerned but the whole operation took only half an hour and it was so smooth you didn’t realize you were moving.


to the weaver 200Finally at the bottom and looking back to the top.


to the weaver 201When we reach the bottom of the lift you can see the ram which helped to lift the opposite caisson up .


to the weaver 205After we come out its now ready for the next boats to enter. It was a great experience and we both enjoyed it and can’t wait for the trip back up.The visitor centre is on the right and there is a trip boat that takes visitors on a trip up and down the lift which Is well worth doing.


to the weaver 206There are a few big factories on the weaver and at one time most of their products were taken away by barge. But now unfortunately it all goes by road.


to the weaver 213With higher speed limits on rivers everybody seems to be in a hurry.


to the weaver 220And the boats are a lot bigger


to the weaver 215We picked up this mooring just down from the boat lift and as with most rivers the banks are high , so it’s a bit of a scramble out of Inca to get ashore. We will spend our first night on the river Weaver here then pull pins in the morning and explore further along the river.


                                                                                                                       Happy Days


  1. Carolyn was brave. Terry said dont miss the pie shop in northwich. Yummy. Enjoy pam & terry nb the roosters rest

    1. Hi Pam and Terry, It was a good ride down on the lift, Me and pie shops are not a good thing, But we will have a look around the Town

  2. well that was very interesting what a massive looking bit of machinery, Carolyns face was a picture fancy building that all those years ago. been quite a reasonlable nice day here. xxxxxx

    1. Carolyn is really looking forward to the trip back up the boat lift (not). Good weather here ,sitting out looking at the river