Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Exploring the Weaver


River Weaver 006After a wet start on Thursday morning we pulled pins at 11.55 in sunshine and soon came across this large barge just around the corner from our mooring. They were taking down a tree on the visitor moorings. If only it was winter it would have been on our roof. It is amazing how much wood we have seen in our travels this summer ,but come winter we will be scratting around trying to find some.


River Weaver 009On the approach to Saltersford lock you see this sign. Don’t worry we will be keeping left.


River Weaver 011As soon as we got near to Saltersford lock we rang the lock keeper to book in and guess what ?. It was his dinner time so he told us to moor on the pontoon and he would sort us out in an hour or so.


River Weaver 016The locks here are massive and some are electrically operated and only operate between 09.00 and 17.00.


River Weaver 024Eventually the lock was filled and the gates opened . We entered first followed by Narrow boat Well oiled. We put a bow and stern rope around the bollards and then Well oiled roped onto us for the trip down the lock. It emptied very quickly and we were soon on our way. As there was another lock about an hour away the lockie phoned through to let them know that we were on the way and they would prepare the lock for us.


River Weaver 036Wow ! That’s some swing bridge. It is the biggest one we have been through. Luckily we are low enough to fit through with out it being opened.


River Weaver 037Just before Dutton lock is the wreck of the MV Chica. It began life as a Norwegian sailing vessel at the end of the 19th century and some how ended up here.


River Weaver 042At Dutton lock we entered and passed the Lady lockie our centre rope as we were the only boat going down and didn’t need to tie off fore and aft. But guess what our centre rope wasn’t long enough , so I had to hastily join another rope onto it. I have the centre ropes at the length they are so that if they accidentally fall in to the water as they have on several occasions they can not get wrapped around the propeller.


River Weaver 048We don’t half feel small in this lock all by ourselves.


River Weaver 053Just after Duttton lock is the very impressive Dutton Viaduct.  (one for you Dick)


River Weaver 059Passing under the Viaduct also makes us feel very small.


River Weaver 061We had a great laugh at this. You can see a cycle leaning on the tree on the right and a cows head in the bush on the left and you can just about make out the cyclist up the tree. We are not sure how he got there or why he was so scared of a cow. We slowed down to see what was going on . He had a mate who was about 100 yards back the towpath and was keeping his distance. After a while his mate shouted to him.. now Go! and then all of a sudden he jumped out of the tree and got on to his bike. We have never seen any cyclist pedal so hard and so fast before , he could have won the Tour de France at the speed he was going.  Carolyn reckoned he was a Townie who had never seen a cow before. Anyway we did have a good laugh…


River Weaver 062This is a first for us . It’s a field mooring and its called Devils Garden. We have some lovely friendly neighbors and they are called Daisy , Buttercup and Ermintrude.


River Weaver 065This is the view from our side hatch. The concrete structure you can see on both sides of the river is where the main water feed pipe for Liverpool passes under the river.  This river reminds us so much of the River Dart down in Devon where we come from. We always had a boat on the river Dart and that’s where our love of boating came from.

With heavy rain forecast we will remain here at Devils Garden moorings. We have good TV and internet connections and plenty of food and the red stuff to last us a good few days.


                                                                                        Happy Days


  1. I emnjoyed that one. see what you mean what you said on the phone about thae river looking like the river dart. had a few showers here today but some nice bright spells.me & Abbie tried to ring you at 5 0 clock.

  2. Just like the Dart at high tide ...Will ring Curly later .....

  3. All absolutely ruddy marvelous,

    1. Hi Stan .... Good to hear from you ... you are correct it is Ruddy marvellous.

  4. Thanks for this blog, we are NB Micky Jay and have just moored up beyond the lift ready for a few days of exploration. Your blog was most helpful, regards, Barbie and Mike

    1. Glad the blog was of some use, Hope you enjoy the Weaver as much as we did . Regards Gary