Tuesday, 15 July 2014

On to the Mackie


t and m and the mackie 007After leaving the River Weaver we passed this boat…I Wonder who they worked for ???


t and m and the mackie 013 On Wednesday we called in to Middlewich to do a food and wine shop as the Tesco store is fairly close to the canal…….What a good name,  I've got a good mate called Razor Sharp  e.


t and m and the mackie 018More fun with the hire boaters. Not sure what happened here on the lock approach. He was tied on to the mooring bollard but I guess he just used the end of the centre line. The fisherman set up where he was didn’t help matters.


t and m and the mackie 012A good boat name for me !


t and m and the mackie 040Now on the Trent and Mersey and with over 30 locks in front of us Carolyn is taking them in her stride. Here we have passed under the M6 Motorway and continue our journey towards the Macclesfield canal.


t and m and the mackie 027A lot of the locks are double locks and intended to speed up your passage, but there are several that are under repair or have been filled in and made redundant.


t and m and the mackie 049Oh look !!!! A very well kept STW    …..What ever that is ???


t and m and the mackie 052As soon as we got on to the Maccelsfield canal Carolyn spotted this little lot. Its wild Raspberries and I had to reverse Inca back in to the off side bank so we could fill a bowl with the little beauties.


t and m and the mackie 056We certainly didn’t do any of that whilst on our way.


t and m and the mackie 080No wonder it takes us so long to get anywhere . Yet more wild raspberries , good job we've got some clotted cream to have them with.


t and m and the mackie 073What a Silly Cow.


t and m and the mackie 081This is 300036 and he is Carolyn's new friend. His new name is Barney…….. For some reason Carolyn likes cows.


t and m and the mackie 077Approaching Bosley bottom lock with The Cloud (A Big Hill) in the background.


t and m and the mackie 078There are 12 locks on the Bosley flight and it must be the most enjoyable and picturesque flights we have done so far. The temperature was in the mid twenties when we went up the flight . What's unusual about these locks is that all the gates are mitered gates. So there are 2 gates on each end of a lock.


t and m and the mackie 094Nearly at the top and what a view. After 5 hours of cruising and locking we picked up a good mooring at the top of the flight . We had rain on Sunday so decided to sit still and do some much needed maintenance and tidying up on Inca. We will then be heading up to the end of the Macclesfield canal and then on to the Peak Forest canal.


                                                                                                                                        Happy Days

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