Saturday, 25 March 2017

Trotters wharf


IMG_1493We left Coventry canal basin at 09.40 and with my number one son Jamie we took 2 hours to cruise to Hawkesbury junction . Carolyn meanwhile travelled in the car with Jamie’s young lady Danny and doggy Belle. It was an uneventful trip out of Coventry except for the sight of a naked person stood looking at us from the window in their flat. Just our luck that it was a male and to be honest not a very pretty sight.There was just as much rubbish beside and floating in the canal and we only spotted 4 floating coconuts on our way out which apparently isn’t many for this stretch stretch of canal.

IMG_1498Jamie and Danny were only up for a short time so we made the most of it and headed straight down to The Greyhound pub at Hawkesbury for a drink and a bite to eat. I think the Greyhound Pub at Hawkesbury will really miss us as we have spent a bleeding fortune in there over the last couple of weeks.

IMG_1513With Jamie and Danny on their way back down to their home in Devon we pulled ropes through rings from our mooring at 09.55 . Not far from Hawkesbury we came across this Canal and River Trust work boat that had either slipped it’s mooring or someone had cast it off. There were no signs of any mooring pins attached to the mooring ropes ,but we pulled it in to the bank and secured it with a piece of metal tubing that was on the boat.

IMG_1524Passing Charity dock which is also known to Boaters as Trotters wharf. It is an amazing place that is full of everything . We recently watched a TV programme called Salvage Hunters with Drew Pritchard and he visited the site where there was everything you could think of including old motorcycles valued at over £20,0000.

IMG_1532Now this is a sight you don’t see very often and what a pleasure to see the results a country craftsman’s work. It would be so much quicker and cheaper just to knock a few posts in and nail some wire fencing to it . But this is a living fence and hopefully if we head back this way in a few months it should be bursting in to life.

IMG_1538Guess who we bumped in to at Star line boats in Nuneaton ? . Of course it was friends Gary and Della on their good ship Muleless. We stopped for a chat and had a look at the improvement works they were having done on their boat. It will probably be a few months before we meet up again ,so enjoy your Summer cruising and try to be good !!.

IMG_1544You have been warned. Now then let me think back ,how many shillings were there in a pound ? .

IMG_1556After a good cruise we moored up a couple of miles outside of Nuneaton at this lovely peaceful mooring. This has to be the most photographed old  telegraph pole on the canal system . Looking at it and I would have thought there would be over 40 wires attached to it. There’s not another similar one on this stretch ,but no doubt there were hundreds of similar ones along the length of this canal many years ago.

We will have a night here before moving on to Atherstone in the morning where we will spend a couple of days hopefully moored above the locks .

                                                                                                               Happy Days

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