Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Moored like a T**t


IMG_1188We pulled pins at 07.45 from our mooring at Brownsover in Rugby and came across this boat moored just before the tunnel at Newbold.  There’s a Facebook group called “Moored like a Twat” and to be honest I should have probably put this boat on there. It looks like there is a ring in the Towpath just in front of the bow so why didn’t they use that instead of using the Towpath gate?. Anyway having said all that we have seen many boats moored far worse than this.

IMG_1191Entering Newbold tunnel and it was no surprise to see that all of the so called rainbow lights were off. The lights were installed by British Waterways and the borough council who funded the £195,000 scheme in 2005. The tunnel is a quarter of a mile long and is more than 180-years-old. The first time we came through 4 years ago there were a few working but now nothing. It’s meant to have all of the colours of the Rainbow shinning on the roof of the dark Tunnel for Walkers and boaters to enjoy as they pass through. Such a shame the lights are not working after all that money was spent.

IMG_1204Here we go again and yet another hire boat company restricting the canal . This time it’s Rose narrowboats at STRETTON-UNDER-FOSSE . There has recently been a big campaign from Canal and River Trust to stop any boats being moored more than two abreast,but for some reason CRT don’t seem to mind hire boat companies taking the Pee.

IMG_1196How about this for a tree that’s trying to survive against all the odds. It looks like it has been split down the middle but is still clinging on to life and trying to make a tree comeback. Hopefully we will be back this way in late Summer and maybe lucky enough to see it in leaf.

IMG_1197This is true for all of us continuous cruisers.

IMG_1299After coming through Hawkesbury junction/Sutton stop we reversed back onto a mooring just the other side of the footbridge on the Coventry Canal as we intend in the next few days to head in to Coventry.

                            IMG_1232Soon after arriving and reversing back to moor we were met by friends Gary and Della on Nb Muleless and somehow ended up in The Greyhound pub for a bite to eat and a very small bit to drink (if you believe that then you will believe anything). Being Dog friendly Hamish was able to join us and had a great time sat under the table talking to the other Dogs in the Pub. The Greyhound is well worth a visit although it gets very busy at all times of the day. Another great evening was had and I’m sure it wont be long before we are back here again.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Happy Days


  1. Interesting to read your blog Gary and yes some boaters are so lazy (or senseless) that they can't be bothered hammer in a pin, use a hook, or even spot a ring to moor to! For some reason fb have locked down my Narrowboat Oakfield page and I am missing the interaction with all our fellow boating friends.Looking forward to your account of cruising into Coventry now.

  2. Hi Ann , Yes there are a few about aren't there .. Try contacting Facebook , this might help. http://m.wikihow.com/Contact-Facebook

  3. not a boat on brownsover now easy to Moor up must of missed you did you go up Ashby cut we don't enjoy it up there and you were very lucky on Sunday timewarp

    1. Hi J and T on Timewarp . Sorry to have missed you .As always I'm a bit behind with the blog and we were probably down in Coventry basin. we are now starting to head North so hopefully should catch up with you later in the year when we head back down this way.