Monday, 27 March 2017



IMG_1576We pulled pins from our mooring just outside of Nuneaton at the unusually late time of 10.15 on our way to Atherstone and soon cruised past this boat with the picture of the Llamas on it.

IMG_1582This is obviously the reason why the boat has that name as there is a field full of not Llama’s but Alpaca’s right behind the boat’s mooring.

IMG_1588 Entering Atherstone and we passed this end of garden business where they make these windmills which look very good .

IMG_1589We thought we might struggle to get a mooring above the top lock at Atherstone but when we arrived there were only a couple of boats on the moorings . We moored not far from the old derelict hat factory. We found out recently that there has now been planning permission given for the old building to be turned in to flats.

IMG_1591I promised Carolyn that I would treat her out for lunch and a drink at the Barge and Bridge pub as soon as we arrived at Atherstone as it was handy to the canal and I wasn’t going to walk very far as I was tired out from all that boating . We got all dressed up and when we got there we found this. Well how was I to know it had closed down?. Never mind there was a Chip shop just up the road so we got a bag of chips to share and took them back to Inca. (and saved myself a few quid)…

IMG_1592The following day we had a walk down around the town and did a bit of a shop in Aldi. Carolyn also found a Toffs (factory warehouse) shop which is a chain of shops that she said she has never come across before , although I find that hard to believe.

IMG_1599I was so lucky to get this picture of the Moon . I have always struggled to get a reasonable picture as it’s so hard to keep the camera still when I zoom in and it always ends up blurred. But now I’ve worked out how to do it . Just a few extra glasses of red wine and the camera seems to stop shaking, how amazing . I only wish I knew that years ago.

                                                                                                    Happy Days


  1. Nice pic of the moon at last Gary!

  2. must try the wine trick :-)

  3. Hi Clive , It might not work to start with . But keep trying and one day it will work ,mind you it could take years !