Friday, 3 March 2017

Rugby with friends


IMG_1130This is our mooring at Brownsover which is a part of the town of Rugby. It’s a mooring we have used many times before as it is so handy for all the local amenities plus the canal side facilities where there’s water, refuge and Elsan.

IMG_1108We were joined on the Parkside mooring after a couple of days by Ray from Nb Ferndale and later by his good lady Diane when she returned to the boat. It was good to have a catch up since we have not met them since London when their boat Ferndale starred (briefly) in the latest Bourne movie. Hopefully are paths will cross again in the Summer when we are all cruising up North.

IMG_1115A couple of days later and we arranged to meet up with friends Rich and Sharon from Nb Oakapple down at The Steam Turbine. As always we had plenty to eat and drink and a good old catch-up even though it’s not that long since we last saw each other. Hopefully it shouldn’t be to long before we meet up again.

IMG_1173Although we never fed him this little chap used to come and visit us every day .

IMG_1125More friends passing through and this time it’s Gary and Della on Nb Muleless .Don’t worry we will soon meet up again and go out for a bite to eat and a catch-up.

IMG_1107Sometimes it’s worse here on the canals than on the M25. With the Welsh Cheese boat trying to get through the moorings while another boat is coming in the opposite direction . It’s all a good bit of fun to watch other boats getting in to a bit of a pickle,just as long as it doesn’t happen to us.

IMG_1123Eating out again with friends and this time it was with Bob and Jan from nb Small Dreams . As well as Bobs love for boating he also has a passion for motorbikes ,just like me. He has now just become the proud owner of a rather large Kawasaki.. Just you be careful with all that power Bob!

IMG_1168With our time nearly up at Rugby we popped down to Tesco to do a big shop to fill the cupboards as we didn’t know how long it would be before we got close to another large Supermarket. As we got to the most important aisle in the store I was shocked at the sight above. A bottle of Red wine had somehow crashed down onto the floor and smashed spilling it’s delicious contents. The only saving grace was that it was a cheap bottle from the bottom shelf.

With Inca now fully stocked we will soon be on the move again . We have arranged to meet with a few friends for a meal and a drink at a local pub a few hours cruise away ,not another pub ! . Well we are retired …………

                                                                                                                      Happy Days


  1. how fid you contain yourself Gary from licking all that up from the floor just think FREE WINE

    1. I was going to lick it up ,but Carolyn wouldn't let me . She said I would cut my tongue on the glass !!

  2. I've never stopped at Brownsover, mostly because it's always been busy and I didn't know there was else disposal there. Is it on the same side as the water?
    Keep blogging you two, you keep me in touch over winter.

  3. Hi Jack, The Elsan is in the back of the toilet block in the park . The water tap is now there as well and unfortunately a mooring was lost when it was put there last year.Theres then a small bin next to the park entrance for waste. Usually room there in the Winter when it becomes 14 days on the Parkside,but can be very busy in the Summer .

  4. Cheers. That makes sense. I'll try it when we're next down that way, which will not be before summer. Before then we'll try the Macclesfield and Peak Forest in April. You never know, we may again pass each other!