Tuesday, 27 December 2016

The missing post

For some Bizarre reason I forgot to put up this post to the blog. I am usually a few days behind with the blog and sometimes have one or two blogs written and ready to post. Probably due to Christmas and copious amounts of the Red stuff I cocked up failed . Anyway here is the missing post and our trip from Weedon to Norton junction , before moving on to Braunston.
IMG_0409After a visit from Ryan on his coalboat Southern Cross we pulled pins at 09.10 and started our cruise towards The Buckby flight of locks.

IMG_0415Passing the Bedazzled man and it was good to see him in his Father Christmas outfit . Please can we have no comments like I had before, that he looks just like me !!

IMG_0419I always try to get this picture on the long straight before Buckby locks . It shows us in the middle doing 2 or 3 mph then on the right we have the M1 with cars doing 70 plus mph and then on the left The high speed train doing 125 mph.I Could do with a aeroplane going over head at 500 mph just to make it a perfect picture.

IMG_0422Passing the wine boat at the bottom of Buckby. They like us are from Devon and we always stop for a chat when we pass each other .

IMG_0429Going up the flight and for some reason there’s a giant inflatable Snowman in the garden centre.

IMG_0432This flight of locks have been closed for several weeks to have repairs carried out on them . You may remember a post I did 12 months ago where I put up a picture of a sheet of steel covering up a big hole in the side of a lock. Well this is the repaired lock now. What was very surprising is that as we emptied the lock water poured through the joints of this so called repair. Looking at the brickwork above the repair it seems to me that it’s a bit of a bodge/temporary permanent job.

IMG_0440We were lucky to share our passage up the flight with NB Ekusna . They were taking the boat to ABNB boat sales . I must admit the boat looked to be in very good condition and talking to the owner it has a very high class fit out and no money has been spared in maintaining this boat to a very high standard. Click on the link to view the boat   http://www.abnb.co.uk/boat_pages/3058web/3058abnb.php?BoatID=3058

IMG_0444We didn’t expect to see any Wyvern hire boats out. But it seems that the owner of Wyvern James and a couple of crew members were taking this pair back to Leighton Buzzard after being in for repair.
We managed to pick up a good mooring above the top lock at Norton Junction and will spend the night here before moving on in the morning to Braunston where we have arranged to meet up with our friends Gary and Della on NB Muleless ..
                                                                                                                 Happy Days


  1. excellent photos as usual, hope you both had as good an xmas as I did

  2. Thanks Waggers , Had a good one !!!