Tuesday, 13 December 2016



IMG_0248Luckily we were in Leighton Buzzard for their Christmas fayre weekend where the centre of the town is taken over by Fair rides and a market.

IMG_0252Carolyn said that she would treat me to a ride on this contraption . Her money was safe as there is no way in this World would you catch me on anything like that. I did say I would pay for her, but she declined my offer as I did hers.

IMG_0240It even goes on in to the evening and ended up being a very enjoyable evening out .

IMG_0244The ride looks even worse at night.

IMG_0246With Carol singing and even a family of Reindeer what more could you want.

IMG_0206One thing Carolyn enjoys doing is looking in the charity shops for a bargain. Well she struck gold in Buzzard with a brand new pair of genuine UGG boots and a new Sheepskin waistcoat all for under 20 quid. Just the ticket !!

                                                                                                     Happy Days


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    1. So pleased you liked it . I guess Curly is there to help you post this comment ...what a star she is ,and only 10 years old !

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Ade , We do love a good bargain ! And if Carolyn is happy then so am I .. Anything for a peaceful life ..

  3. Nope it was me and I have now set her up again with a google account as long as she can remember how to do it! it's the second time I have done it.

  4. It's just an age thing .. Hope you wrote it down for her !!!

  5. Great bargain Carolyn, you were very lucky, they look really good. x

    1. Hi Carol . The secret is to go in to the charity shops on a Monday or Tuesday as they get most of their stock at the weekends .Then put it out at the beginning of the week. . But tell anyone else !!!