Thursday, 15 December 2016

Cockroach ? surely not


IMG_0223Still in Leighton Buzzard and we have enjoyed watching this Kingfisher on the tree opposite our mooring. Someone said to us a few years ago that we would soon get fed up with seeing Kingfishers as there are so many on the canals. Well I can honestly say that we still get just as excited as if we were seeing our first ever one . Our favourite bird in the World,we just love them.

IMG_0216He would come and visit everyday and usually catch a small fish while perched on the tree. (pictures by Carolyn)

IMG_0266As always you can rely on Jules and Richard of Jules Fuels  for Diesel ,coal and gas. As always we try and use the fuel boats where ever we are.

IMG_0236Well it is a Wetherspoons , it’s almost like it has a magnetic pull that drags you through the doors.

IMG_0192As you well know we tend to visit a Wetherspoons where ever we are ,simply because off it’s well priced no frills food and drink.OK so a lot of it is just microwaved meals but if it tastes alright and the price is right I’m not moaning.

One thing that we never took much notice of is the carpets in every Spoons, not at least until I read an article about the pub chain.It turns out that these post-Blair Bayeux tapestries cost between £20,000 and £30,000 each. They’re partly hand-made – by the renowned firm Axminster. Their carpets usually have just five or six colours in the mix; whereas those in Wetherspoon’s often have more, meaning they have to be produced on old-fashioned looms. Carpets are designed using the pub name, and take ideas from the building and the town itself. Then they make sure it’s all integrated in to the pub in that town.

IMG_0253After having our meal Carolyn looked down to admire the carpet and saw this chap admiring the carpet as well. It looked like a Cockroach to us so Carolyn went up to the bar and asked for the manager. He came over to the table and said Oh my God it is a Cockroach. He then went off to get something to catch it in. Coming back with a small box and a plastic bag he caught it at the first attempt. At first it appeared that it was dead , but on closer inspection it turned out to be a fake plastic one. It certainly fooled all of us and we had a good laugh about it. But we did say who would leave that on the carpet in a Wetherspoons pub ?

                                                                                                           Happy Days


  1. I've seen the Axminster looms in operation - it's fascinating. They supplied Lloyds Bank and many other 'heavy traffic' businesses (probably still do) and did all the Concorde carpets too.
    Happy Christmas!

  2. lovely pictures of the kingfisher I will have to let uncle e to look at the blog xx

  3. We still love a Kingfisher too, and still get excited when we see the electric flash. Envious that this one visited you and caught fish. Still waiting to see that, but as we are only summer boaters we don' t have as much chance as yourselves. The cockroach trick is just shabby; it could put you off Wetherspoons, and that would never do. Enjoy the festive season.

    1. Hi Jack . Yes it was so good to see the Kingfisher catching Fish and bashing it's poor head on the branch before swallowing it ..Carolyn said poor Fish , but at the end of the day it's nature and we feel we are
      so privileged to see it ... A merry Christmas to you !!!