Thursday, 29 December 2016

Oh! Deer


IMG_1691We pulled pins from Braunston at 10.35 and after a stop on the services next to Midland swindlers Chandlers we headed off out in to the country. It’s a stretch of canal we always enjoy cruising and are always rewarded by seeing all sorts of birds and animals along the way. We always get a funny look from this silly old Goat whenever we pass.

IMG_0396It’s not very often that we ever see any deer during our travels although there are thousands in the countryside . I think these might be Roe deer although I could be wrong.

IMG_0470We are miles from the Sea but there are hundreds of these small Gulls in the fields around Braunston.

IMG_0472Passing all these Ewes and it looks like the Ram has done his job as there’s a blue ink mark on all of them to show that he has been vey efficient at his job …If I was ever to be reincarnated I would like to be a Ram  !.    For some reason Carolyn is in the background laughing ..

IMG_0474Not long out of Braunston and who should we come across but our friends Keith and Ann on NB Oakfield. With an invitation to stop and have a catch up with a cuppa and a glass of wine or three how could we refuse. We have not seen Keith and Ann for nearly 12 months so it was good to meet up and be invited onto their delightfully fitted out boat . At least it wont be as long till we meet again , see you both soon !

Tomorrow we will have an early start and make our way towards Hillmorton and then down the flight of three locks and then cruise in to Rugby. Then if we can pick up a mooring at Brownsover we will spend a couple of days for me to chill and Carolyn to hit the shops…


                                                                                                          Happy Days


  1. Gary, your first picture on this post seemed to me appropriate for this time of year approaching the new year. In Falmouth Pennsylvania USA instead of dropping/lowering a glittering ball like New York City on New Year's Eve - they lower a goat. Yep, you can Google it. Watch out Mr. Goat. Happy New Year to you and Carolyn, Amos and Charlene

  2. Hi Amos and Charlene . I just had to Google that .. Could be worth a visit one New year. A Happy New year to both of you ,have a good one ..Link to Falmouth Goat below.