Saturday, 31 December 2016

Narrow locks


IMG_0476After meeting up with Keith and Ann ( NB Oakfield ) and then having a good old catch up we pulled pins the following morning at 09.10 and made the short cruise towards Hillmorton locks. After several months of double locks it made a change to get back to the single ones. Hillmorton locks are the most used locks in all of the country ,but luckily not so well used at this time of year so we made good time down the flight of three locks. Although they are single locks there are two locks side by side which helps to speed locking up and down when it’s busy in high season.

IMG_0479Locking down was made a lot easier when Ann helped us to lock down the flight.

IMG_0480At the bottom of the locks who should we meet up with but our friend Chris on Nb Bosley . We first met Chris over three and a half years ago at the top of Hillmorton and have met up several times since then . After a chat and a catch up we said our goodbyes and will no doubt meet up again when we head up North in the Spring.

IMG_0483How lucky where we? .Passing Rugby Golf course and we heard the crack of a wood hitting a golf ball . The next thing we heard was a shout of Four as this golf ball went whizzing past our heads. It missed us by only a couple of feet and landed on the towpath in front of us. We are now going to buy a lottery ticket and hopefully we will be lucky again.

IMG_0487Arriving at Brownsover and we were surprised to find that the moorings on the park side were empty and there were only two boats on the towpath side. This will do us for a few days and allow us to chill out and do a bit of shopping in the retail parks which are below the moorings Not to mention it’s a good place for our number one Daughter Chloe to drop off our number one Granddaughter Curly who is coming up from Devon for a week..

                                                                                                               Happy Days


  1. some nice pictures .

    some nice pictures as usual. hope you have made it to where you want to be to see the new year in. Expecting some more good pictures of Abbie as well, x

    as usual

  2. Hi Gary and Carolyn, was good to see you at Hillmorton, hope you had a good Christmas while at Brownsover. Happy New Year to you both. Dunno about that pic of me! Caption 'Gary talks to anyone' ? lol. I now at Atherstone. Keep well both. Chris

    1. It was good to see you as well Chris .Happy New year and keep well . Should catch up with you later in the year.

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    1. Cheers Waggers, A very Happy New Year to you .....