Friday, 9 September 2016

Weaver’s end


IMG_7974With Carolyn desperate to get away from the cows at Devils Garden we pulled pins at 08.40 and headed downstream and towards the end of the navigable river Weaver. Towards the end of the river it’s just this massive power station and a chemical plant which is enormous.

IMG_7978Nearly at the end and we reached Marsh lock . This lock drops you down onto The Manchester Ship canal which is a place that we are not allowed to take Inca.

IMG_7980We were told by one of the Lockies that this lock is seldom used as unfortunately there is no commercial traffic now working on the Weaver which seems a bit of a shame with all the factories along it’s banks,surely boat freight would ease the pressure on our roads.

IMG_7985We had said about spending the night here ,but it is a pretty desolate place so we thought better of it and after a good look around we headed back up river.

IMG_8011After passing under Dutton viaduct we came across this fine old wooden bridge built in 1919 which carried the old towpath over the original navigation.

IMG_8018We then had an hour to wait at Dutton lock as the lock was full and three boats were on their way down river, there was no way the Lockie was going to empty it just for us. In the end it was a bit of a result as the Lockie informed Carolyn of the whereabouts of an over laden Damson tree. She later returned with over 10 pounds of Damsons, It looks like production of Damson jam is about to start.

IMG_8016While we were waiting I took a peek in the lock control panel. So that’s how you work a big lock like this. Can’t be that difficult surely !

IMG_8028Leaving Dutton lock and we pass the wreck of the partially capsized MV Chica which began it’s career as a Norwegian sailing vessel and has now been a feature of this lock for many years.

IMG_8037We then had an half hour hold up at Acton swing bridge . They were loading a digger onto a pontoon as they are about to carry out a lot of dredging on the river. We thought the dredging was for the boat traffic ,but in fact it’s all part of flood management on the river.

IMG_8047After an excellent days cruise we finally made it back to our favourite mooring on the Weaver at Barnton. With jam production now well under way we will have a night here before heading back in to Northwich for a shop in the morning and then back up the Anderton boatlift and onto the canals again.

                                                                                                                    Happy Days


  1. Go through Northwich and Hunts Lock and onto Vale Royal moorings. Not to be missed.

  2. Hi Jack , looks like we have to leave before we have the chance to head down that way although we did go down to the flash when we were here 2years ago,but as usual didn't spend much time there .. Anyway it's a good excuse to come back on the Weaver again ,which has to be one of the best Rivers we have ever done . We are now planning next years cruise and may fit it in there but not sure ,as we have so many places we want to go to ... Looking at going up North , Leeds, Liverpool , Ribble link etc ,Should be exciting !!!

    1. A venture up north will be good for the soul ( pardon the pun). When you go along the Bridgewater you should pass Sandoy ( we moor at Grappenhall) unless we are out on our summer cruise which is likely to take south. I'm sure our bows will cross again at some point. We met your previous companions on Muleless earlier in the summer, somewhere near Kingswood. Small world really.