Thursday, 29 September 2016

All Oaks


IMG_8456Pulling pins from our mooring at Mancetter just before 08.30 we soon passed this boat, I’ve only ever seen a couple of boats with solar water heating and wondered if it was worth having. I would have thought the downside apart from cloudy days would be having to run a pump to move the water around.

IMG_8463Entering Nuneaton and it’s a place that we always try to get through as soon and as fast as possible like many others do as it has a bit of a reputation amongst boaters. The first time we came through here there was a fight on the towpath involving several youths and another time we stopped to do a quick shop only to find the towpath littered with cans and needles. I’m sure the rest of the town isn’t as bad as some areas along the canal.

IMG_8466You don’t see many of these anymore, especially next to the canal.

IMG_8472After a good and uneventful trip through Nuneaton we soon got to Marston junction and this is where you can turn off left and head up the Ashby canal. We did the Ashby 3 years ago and always said we would go back . It looks like after Christmas we will be in this area again so we may take a trip up there again.

IMG_8484Passing Charity dock and what a sight. It has to be the biggest junk yard on the canal system. Having said that ,we sometimes watch a TV programme called Salvage Hunters with a guy called Drew Pritcherd . He travels around the country looking for antiques and salvage . In one of his programmes he visited Charity dock where he found an unbelievable amount of salvage in the sheds behind including motorcycles worth over £20,000 each.

IMG_8487Charity dock is also well known for the characters and models on display.

IMG_8491Finally arriving at Hawkesbury junction we picked up a mooring for the night behind this boat. It would be ideal for our darling daughter who just happens to be called Chloe Louise !!!

IMG_8495After a good night and resisting going to the pub we pulled pins at 08.40 and headed through the junction and onto the North Oxford. I must be getting good at this Narrowboating lark as this is about the third time I’ve made it around in one go.

IMG_8501After a good cruise and spending a few more pounds in the chandlery at Rose Narrowboats we picked up a mooring at All Oaks wood.It’s a very popular spot and has always been full when we have come this way in the past.

Not long after mooring we heard the toot of a horn outside and it turned out to be fellow blogger Adam and Adrian on Nb Briar Rose whose blog I have followed for a long time. Adam is well known for his very informative boat reports in Canal Boat magazine and is always recognisable by his trademark Tilley hat. It was good to meet at last and say a quick hello .

In the morning it will be a short hop to Brownsover where we have arranged to meet up with a couple of friends and a fill of the cupboards at the handy Tesco store which is just a couple of hundred yards from the canal.


                                                                                               Happy Days


  1. Hi Guys nice to hear you got through Beirut (Nuneaton) without a problem. If you see muleless could you please say hello for us. Seems a long time since rugeley, have just got on the shroppie so wheaton aston soon tony & Jackie nb timewarp ps Thanks for the ad

  2. Hi Tony and Jackie ..Such a shame about Nuneaton and I'm sure it must have more to offer than an uninviting towpath ..A couple days behind with the blog as always, but met the good crew of Muleless and mentioned we had met up with you .. Fill to the brim at Turners as the price of diesel rockets when you get up on the Llangollen ..have a good Winter !!!

  3. That Police Box could be the outside bog maybe!
    Charity Dock always looks a jumble but quite entertaining as you cruise past.
    Nuneaton has a nice centre, although it is a long, but pleasant walk in.
    There is a Sainsbury's on the way and two Wetherspoons in town, so well worth a stroll there.
    nb oakfield

    1. Hi Oakfield , I guessed that the town of Nuneaton was probably OK , but did you spend a night or in fact many nights moored there . If so where abouts

  4. Yes we've stayed overnight a few times near the railway bridge, no problem.
    We walk through the pocket park into town, I think we have done two nights in a row.
    nb oakfield