Monday, 5 September 2016

Blind mans stretch


IMG_7856We are currently moored on Barnton moorings which surprise surprise is below the village of Barnton . But this part of the river Weaver that we are on is also known as Blind Mans Stretch. I was informed by friends Rich and Sharon (nb Oakapple) that they had been here some time ago and not being able to read the inscription on this bench Rich cleaned it. It seems like no one has cleaned the plaque since Rich cleaned it, so being unable to read the inscrition on this seat I decided to give it a clean with some metal polish

IMG_7853After a bit of research I found out that Tommy Shuttlewood was a local guy who was registered blind and regularly fished this stretch of the river Weaver.Tommy was diagnosed with cancer and given the all-clear after an operation but was later told that the cancer had returned , which prompted him to do what he could for The Christie hospital while he could. He managed to raise over £4000 with the challenge of being sponsored per fish caught, but soon became overwhelmed by people just offering donations .What a good man he was .    Rest in peace Tommy.


                                                                                                                 Happy Days

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