Friday, 23 September 2016



IMG_8361Pulling pins from our mooring just outside of Armitage at 08.10 and we soon passed this house. How perfect can you get with your logs, I will have to try and make our roof look just as good if I can find any wood to put on it.

IMG_8368Passing through Fradley junction, many say that Braunston is the centre of the canal system. But Fradley is always busy and full of Gongoozlers (canal watchers).With three volunteer lockies on duty and each one at a separate lock we soon sped through.

IMG_8399How lucky are we .A bit surprised that Alrewas was so empty we managed to pick up this ,which is our favourite mooring right outside the Church and Bowling club.

IMG_8379As you all know the search for my final resting place is still on. Here at Alrewas Carolyn tries to convince me that this is the perfect place for me.She also pointed out that when ever any of our boating friends cruised by they could put some flowers on my grave ,although a few glasses of red wine tipped on would be better. I must admit I cant think of anywhere better at the moment,so it goes to the top of the list, but not for another 40 or 50 years I hope !!!

IMG_8375At the end of Alrewass you drop down the lock and onto The River Trent. On several occasions we have passed through here and even winded (turned) on the river but I think when we leave Alrewas I will attempt to reverse back to the winding hole to turn.

IMG_8392I’ve not done a lot of fishing this year,but when I have there have been a good few fish caught. I caught this lovely bream on a bit of bread flake and was lucky enough to catch a few more of a similar size after this one.


                                                                                                              Happy Days

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  1. Gorgeous pics of this part of your cruise Gary.
    Was it Bream with chips for dinner then, lol?
    nb oakfield