Wednesday, 11 May 2016

First BBQ


IMG_4245Moored on the river section below Nash Mills and its time for the first barbecue of the year. When boaters meet up you don’t need much of an excuse for a BBQ and a few drinks. So with Gary and Della plus Rich and Sharon we soon got into the spirit of things.

IMG_4250With the drink flowing and the music playing coutesy of DJ Gary on nb Muleless, some of us hit the dance towpath……. As you can see Sharon and Rich still have the moves !!!

IMG_4247We were interrupted later in the day by this drone. It flew over the trees behind where we were moored and just hovered above us and didn’t move for a couple of minutes. As you can see the camera was looking directly at us. I must admit I think it is a bit of an invasion of privacy. Anyway I’m going to buy a Catapult so the next time it happens Ill have a pop at it with a few stones.

                                                                                                              Happy Days

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