Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Final resting place ?


IMG_3939Still in Marsworth and we decided on a walk around the village. We have passed through here many time but never ventured around the village. Yet again it was before opening time when we passed The Red Lion and Carolyn didn’t get her half pint of shandy. Never mind .

IMG_3943We soon found the church and Carolyn was in like a shot.She is still trying to find a suitable final resting place for me. “Maybe” she said

IMG_3944There are as you would imagine some very old houses in Marsworth and it was mentioned in the Doomsday book.. The entry is below.

         County: Buckinghamshire

  • Total population: 30 households (quite large).
  • Total tax assessed: 20 geld units (very large).
  • Taxable units: Taxable value 20 geld units.
  • Value: Value to lord in 1066 £20. Value to lord in 1086 £20. Value to lord c. 1070 £20.
  • Households: 22 villagers. 8 slaves.
  • Ploughland: 9 ploughlands (land for). 4 lord's plough teams. 5 men's plough teams.
  • Other resources: Meadow 6 ploughs. Woodland 800 pigs. 3 mills, value 0.75.
  • Lord in 1066: Brictric of Waddesdon.
  • Overlord in 1066: King Edward
  • Lord in 1086: Ralph Basset
  • Tenant-in-chief in 1086: Robert d'Oilly

IMG_3987Yet again Number one Granddaughter came to visit for a few days. Its always great to have her up with us and she absolutely loves it on the boat. No doubt as she gets older she will loose a bit of interest.

IMG_3998We pulled pins from Marsworth at 09.20 and shared the locks up to Tring summit with the boat in the picture above. As you can see it smoked just a little bit,but luckily after a couple of locks the smoke eased off. The guy was single handed and very experienced so locking was made easy.

IMG_4006Passing through Bulbourne and you just can’t help but admire the amazing metal artwork on display. I wouldn’t think any of it is cheap ,but there are plenty of pieces I would love to have in my garden.

IMG_4002All made from Horse shoes

IMG_4005How good is that ! I think its brilliant…

IMG_4015Off across Tring summit and Curly is soon back on the tiller. She is now just about tall enough to see over the top.

IMG_4014And another one bites the dust or is it canal muddy bottom.

We are now at Cow Roast and will spend a couple of days here before moving on again.With loads of Internet and TV channels this will do us fine.

                                                                                  Happy Days


  1. Excellent sculptures, but I (being unversed in the art of art), would have thought horse shoes would have made a good horse, rather than what appears to be a stag deer. Luckily, the horse is not made out of ....... stag bits??? But you're right, they would look great in the garden. Keep on blogging.

  2. Hi Jack, it seems they make anything out of Horse shoes ,I've looked on line and even seen dogs made from them. I bet they would make a horse out of them if you commissioned them to do it.. At a good price no doubt .