Monday, 23 February 2015

Museum visit


IMG_6334Still in Banbury with number 1 Granddaughter Curly (Abbie) and yet again in Wetherspoons, at this rate i think I'm going to have to buy some shares in the place . We were joined by Keith and Ann from Nb Oakfield who also like the value that Wetherspoons offer. We have now done everyone of their club days and apart from the Sunday lunch which was served still frozen we have enjoyed, Tuesday steak club, Wednesday chicken club, Thursday curry club and Friday Fish club . Now guess who is a skint fat you know what……….. Picture by Curly of the best Nan in the world.

IMG_6340The view down the canal in Banbury towards the Museum which is on the left. This whole area is due for major building work with the construction of a multiplex cinema and restaurants . There was a plan to cover the entire area with a glass roof , but that has now been shelved.

IMG_6342It was then in to the museum which is my favourite word FREE .Carolyn and Curly discovering that its easier to move through water with a boat than on land with a cart

IMG_6355Probably the newest items in the museum are the race suit and helmet worn by Lewis Hamilton.

IMG_6354Look how civilised the Romans were when they were in Banbury.  I wonder if this would work on Inca ??????

IMG_6352.Think of the money we could save on toilet paper….Maybe not.

IMG_6346looking towards the lock from the glass walkway in to the museum.

IMG_6362Tooley’s Historic boat yard which is situated in the middle of the Castle Quays development has the oldest working dry dock on the inland waterways. It was established in 1790 to build and repair wooden boats.

IMG_6364Looking back towards the museum from the lock. You get plenty of Gongoozlers (canal watchers) when you lock down or up here.


IMG_6368We were only going to the museum but guess what, it was market day so time for Carolyn to give Curly some more training in the Art of shopping and spending money. Fortunately there wasn't very many stalls so we didn't spend a penny.   Just the ticket…

                                                                                                                            Happy Days


  1. very interesting. abbie is almost up to carolyns shoulders, xxxx

  2. Gary, if the Roman toilets worked on Inca, you would still be the one to empty them AND you would have to clean the sponge TOO.
    Aloha, Amos

    1. Hi Amos..You are so correct, I think we will have to knock that idea on the head ...