Sunday, 8 February 2015

Carolyn X 2


IMG_6141Another night out with Keith and Ann off Nb Oakfield at The Boathouse in Braunston. The night was supposed to be a Mexican night ,but it ended up being a very un-Mexican night. Anyway we ended up having a very enjoyable evening.

IMG_6145The joys of life afloat . On Inca we only have a 3.5kg load washing machine and a 3.5kg load dryer .So when we are close to a launderette like the one here at Braunston marina we take advantage of it and get all the large items washed.

IMG_6155These 2 Plonkers work boats came speeding down through the ice on the moorings and after nearly hitting Nb Oakfield they hit the boat behind them. Its not easy steering through ice , but when you have a square bow its near impossible as these 2 showed.

IMG_6175And then came along this this guy in a plastic boat going through ice , although the ice had been broken there were still some very large and sharp pieces and with only having a plastic hull its so easy for it to get holed. A very brave or foolhardy man.

IMG_6188Two Carolyn's, I don't think i could handle that…..One is enough for me thank you !!!! ( I wonder if Nb Carolyn is for sale ? )

IMG_6186What a lovely looking pair . Motorboat Nutfield towing Butty Raymond back to their moorings in Braunston Marina.

IMG_6192Spring is here ,Yippee !!!!!!. I might well have spoken too soon as its still only the beginning of February .

There is still no chance of us moving even though a lot of the ice around us has melted . We walked up to Braunston junction and the canal is still frozen solid South towards Oxford in the direction we are heading. It has to be at least 2 inches thick in places , so there is no chance of us getting through that for the time being.   Oh well the pub beckons again ….Cheers !

PS   If Pam and Terry on Nb Roosters Rest are reading this could you please leave a contact number in the comments below as we need to speak to you  .. I wont publish them. Thanks Gary and Carolyn.

                                                                                                                               Happy Days


  1. good blog , thought we may see you both out skating/

    1. If we ever went skating , being a Gentleman I would let Carolyn go first ..