Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Lots of Good Friends


IMG_6073On Sunday we had an offer we just couldn't refuse , lunch in the Boathouse with Keith and Ann from Nb Oakfield . It was different to have Sunday lunch out and we thoroughly enjoyed it.  We will have to do it again .

IMG_6092Later on Sunday it was over to Nb Falcon and a very enjoyable few glasses of the red stuff with Paul and Jill. They are also from Devon and fly the green flag like us…Ps  Watch out for those Lions ..

IMG_6059Moored behind us in Nb Raymond. It is the last ever wooden butty boat built in Braunston and probably the last anywhere. Raymond was built to carry coal to London and was originally towed by motor boat Roger,although now it is paired with Nutfield. Me and Raymond do have a couple of things in common . Raymond was first launched in 1958 the same year i was born , the other similarity is we both look good for our age !

IMG_6080On Monday it was back to the Boathouse again to meet up with John and Ellen from sunny Devon . Me and John worked together for many years at SWW and it was so good to catch up again. John and Ellen have now retired and are enjoying it as much as we are. Enjoy your travels and we will catch up with you both again soon.

IMG_6099We are now well and truly iced in with Nb Falcon opposite us and Nb Oakfield in front of us, so i guess we wont be going anywhere for a day or two, still there could be a lot of worse places to get stuck.

                                                                                                   Happy Days      

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