Friday, 6 February 2015

Ice breaker


IMG_6117Full moon over Braunston and a very sharp frost .

IMG_6105The following morning this boat broke through the ice , with Paul and Jill from Nb Falcon looking on as he got a bit close to their boat .

IMG_6103The boat hadn't travelled very far and as you can see the ice has taken all the protective paint off the hull and its now back to bare metal.That's not good as the rust will soon start to eat into all that lovely unprotected metal. The owner will have to get some blacking on that as soon as possible.

IMG_6125A rather large volunteer working party doing a good job cutting back the offside near Braunston Marina.

IMG_6128This boat was being worked on in the dry dock at Braunston marina . Its having a full back to metal re-spray including the hull . I'm certainly glad I'm not paying for that.

IMG_6136 Picture taken by Carolyn……   ( No comments please )

IMG_6133That's looking better ,all the pounds are now full and Canal and River Trust workers are now clearing up and taking down all the safety fencing ready for the flight to open.

IMG_6130With all the running water which was used to fill the locks it hasn't had time to freeze like the rest of the canal.

We are now getting very itchy feet again, but we are not prepared to move with so much ice still on the cut . I know we have everything we need here but we just love to be on the move. The plan is to cruise down the South Oxford Canal for a few weeks and hopefully pick up some firewood on our travels as we have now just about run out.

                                                                                               Happy Days


  1. Rascal - yes, Fat - no!
    Braunston is starting to look like itself again!
    Cheers, Marilyn

    1. Hi Marilyn.. We thought it was going to thaw, only for it to freeze over again, could be in the lovely village of Braunston for some time .

  2. Carolyn may think you a "Rascal", but surely we have to consider all the heavy clothes you have on in the picture because of the cold weather. I know you said no comment, but that is just asking for someone to comment. I've enjoyed of the pictures of you having pints in the Boat House. Not a bad place to be ice bound.
    Aloha, Amos

  3. Hi Amos. Of course it's all the clothes ,with the temperature around zero it's plenty of layers. The Boathouse is doing a roaring trade with all the boaters that are iced's all good fun .

  4. Going to hire one to see what its like. My husband would love to live on one, but i know its to cold in the winter.

    1. Hi , Don't worry about being cold in the winter ...we are always warm and even when it's minus 6 outside we are well over 20 deg aboard. There is also the option of spending the winter in a marina where you have hook up electric and water. It is as good in the winter as it is in the summer ,as some days you don't see another boat and it's like having all the canals to yourself...Enjoy your hire..Gary