Friday, 9 January 2015

Twisty turning thing !!


IMG_5554After a noisy night at Whilton and with water pouring over Buckby bottom lock we pulled pins at 12.00 on Tuesday after the morning rain had stopped.

IMG_5560Another boat being craned off a lorry at Whilton marina. The marina seems to sell a lot of boats to people who take them down to London to live on. They must do well as we have met so many people that have bought from there with that idea. The sad thing is that a lot of them haven't got a clue what living aboard a boat in London is really like.

IMG_5566Going up through the Buckby flight of 7 locks , When one of these High speed trains pass over head at over 100 mph it doesn't half make you jump.

IMG_5585After a night below the top lock we pulled pins on Wednesday and after emptying cassettes and dumping the rubbish and filling with water we passed this boat that seems to have been on the 48 hour moorings for months and months, I'm sure there must be a reason why its taking up this limited mooring space.

We passed Nb Waiouru which was moored at Norton junction, we have followed their blog from when they were having their boat built and were disappointed not meet Tom and Jan, but it was so good to see that we got a mention on their blog and we hope to meet up with them soon. There is a link to their blog on the right of this page and its well worth a look.

IMG_5610After entering Braunston tunnel we finally emerged  25 minutes later.There has to be more twists and turns in this tunnel than there is in a twisty turning thing. Luckily we had a clear run through and didn't meet another boat. Most times we have been through we have met another boat right on a twisty bit

IMG_5616We are moored just along from The Boathouse pub in Braunston. As always our mooring is determined by Internet speed and TV coverage. How bizarre is it that 10 yards further back there was only 1 meg of Internet speed yet here there is nearly 8 megs.We will be here for a day or two as Molly and Hamish are booked in to have a hair cut which they desperately need.

                                                                                               Happy Days


  1. weather looking a bit bleak just like here.but at least you haven't got the ice, hope molly will let them cut her hair. xx

    1. A few problems with Molly, but hopefully she should be ok !

    2. hi the nb at norton jcn just above the lock has a mooring opposite , but the owner is not well and cannot walk far , he has special permission from crt to more there ... regards steve on nb edna-may

    3. Ok thanks for that info Steve...