Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Another Selfish !


IMG_5501That's a tiddler (As the Actress said to the Bishop). After a couple of hours of perseverance i managed to catch this small Perch and take a picture of me ,and a fish which is a Selfish…

IMG_5509We spent a couple of days at Bugbrooke over the weekend and met the owner of this boat who informed us that he had recently bought the boat and was taking it to London to sell it. The only problem being was that it didn't have an engine , so he was going to Bow haul it (pull it by hand) all the way. The distance to London is 90 miles from Bugbrooke and he reckons on a good day he will do 3 miles. But the most amazing thing is that due to the high demand for boats in London and after a lick of paint he says he will get at least £8000 for the boat…..8 grand for that !!!!!!!!

IMG_5516Every time we pass this boat at Furnace Wharf we have a bit of a laugh. Its the boat that TV celebrity Guy Martin used on one of his programmes and the last time we passed it still had the wallpaper on the walls.

IMG_5518The cheapest we have ever seen. At Furnace Wharf Nether Heyford. I wonder if its cheaper anywhere else on the cut ??????

IMG_5529Canal and River Trust cutting back the offside at Dodford. Its a shame that we have now passed them as we still have room on the roof for some more free heat. Yet again we have been lucky and picked up some more Ash since leaving Cosgrove.

IMG_5533Oh dear , yet another sunken boat at Dodford .

IMG_5540No Carolyn he doesn't look anything like me.

IMG_5550We finally arrived at Whilton and moored up for the night opposite the marina. With the M1 on our Starboard side and the High speed train on our Port side this has to be one of the noisiest moorings on the cut. It must be a new record as we only spent a tenner in the chandlery , But with a Midland chandlers at Braunston no doubt the bank account will take another hammering when we eventually get there.

                                                                                           Happy Days


  1. very good blog. loved your selfish.what a lot of broken boats they don't look after them like youdo gar. saw val Mcgall tonight she wants to be your friend on facebook she follows the blog through my share I think that's what she said , she told Sharon she loves seeing all the places that she has been to. you will have to look her time line up & request her xxx

  2. We continue to enjoy reading your blog. If you are in Braunston don't forget to go Wharf House Chandlery at the bottom lock, for our money a better chandlery staffed by good friendly staff. Always a source of good advice as they are boat builders as well. You are now getting close to our back yard so do give us a call. John & Athea

    1. Have been to midland and going to Whharf house to compare prices. Will catch up with you soon .....