Sunday, 25 January 2015

Egg chasers


IMG_5846We pulled pins at 11.00 on Sunday morning and headed to the winding hole (turning point) opposite the entrance to the Willow wren hire centre. It was then back to the Brownsover moorings and we moored on the opposite side to get rid of rubbish and the best boating job of all , empty the toilet cassettes.

IMG_5848As we pulled away Ann from nb Oakfield was out with her camera as we said our goodbyes. I guess she will have a similar photo of us.     Snap !!

IMG_5855Typical , Just as we were making the first cuppa of the day the gas ran out. No problem we thought as Clifton cruisers is only a short distance away so we could fill up with diesel and get a new bottle of gas. But as usual boats were moored on their wharf 2 deep . There was no way i was going to struggle and carry gas bottles over 2 boats, so we will take our business elsewhere.

IMG_5857The first calf we have seen this year . We are still waiting to see our first lambs of the year.

IMG_5866You certainly know you are in Rugby as most of the bridges have murals of egg chasers Rugby players. Shame that some idiots have spoilt it with all of that Graffiti.

IMG_5871After filling with water at one of the slowest water points on the system below Hillmorton , Carolyn prepares the bottom lock . All of the locks at Hillmorton are in pairs. As it was a busy flight of locks it speeded up the time through the locks back in the good old days when canals ruled.

IMG_5874The lock beams are well known for having poetry carved on them . Although i have heard some people describe it as a form of graffiti.

IMG_5879Do you know how much that is in todays money ?……..Unfortunately ,although i don't look it  I'm old enough to remember old money  .                      .

IMG_5882I'm glad to report that Hamish is now getting a spring back in his step after the loss of Molly. And he is so proud of his new coat that Carolyn has bought for him. Doesn't he look good ?.  Well Carolyn thinks he looks good , but i am not so sure.

                                                                                     Happy Days


  1. Like Hamish showing off his new jacket on 'the dog walk' looks very cosy and comfy.
    Ann nb Oakfield

    1. Hi Ann . We thought he wouldn't like it ,but he seems really happy in it...