Monday, 5 January 2015

Dyson Y/N ?


IMG_5234Ever since moving aboard back in April 2013 we have not been able to make our minds up on buying a battery operated hoover. We have been using a small 230 volt hoover and to use that we have to dig it out from under the dinette where its stored then start the engine and switch on the inverter. When you use it the lead doesn't reach from one end of Inca to the other so all in all it was a real pain to use.With living on a boat and having 2 dogs its essential to have a good hoover , so after looking at loads of online videos and reading even more reviews we decided to take the plunge and buy a Dyson DC59 Animal. I must admit that we are both very highly impressed with it. It seems to have more power than our 230 volt hoover and that's only 12 months old and is 1600 watts .

IMG_5388Not a very common sight , me with a hoover.

The battery lasts for 26 minutes on normal power which is plenty of time, and if you use it on max it lasts for 6 minutes, but we cant see much of a need to use it on max as it has so much power on normal mode. For a boat it is absolutely perfect as it is small and easy to store. It comes with 4 attachments that are easy to use. We are now even fighting over who hoovers up , but i expect i will soon loose interest in it and her Ladyship can take over. There is however one massive drawback with the Dyson and that's the price…. …. at £300 its a lot of money, only time will tell if it is worth the money.You can see why James Dyson is a billionaire. Hopefully we should get many years of use out of it. So i guess that's no Christmas presents for us this year or probably the next few years .

                                                                     Happy Days


  1. Relax, you got good value for money - not only did you get a vacuum cleaner that works well without running the engine, you also got a) a very trendy looking wall decoration, and b) a transformer toy like my grandsons love - look at all the ways you can make it look different! Endless hours of fun, AND it makes a noise - what more could you want?
    We may have to save up for one - we bought a stick vacuum cleaner from Tescos but it's not terribly effective even on the carpet and we end up sweeping instead. It may find a new home in a charity shop this year, but the solar panels and composting loo are our first purchases this coming season. BTW, we have booked Tim from OnBoard Solar for May, so thanks for your recommendation. Cheers, Marilyn

  2. looks nice & neat hung up.will have a go with it when I next come up to the boat . by the ay you did not tell me about this blog . father happened to see it you are slipping xxx

  3. Yes we have invested in one of these too.
    It is less noisy, more efficient, needs less storage room, is lighter and easier to use than our old one.
    Also it does not emit any dust as the old one seemed to.
    It is absolutely ideal for boats and small spaces.
    nb Oakfield

    1. It has to be one of our better buys and still enjoying using it, which is a bit sad really !!! Still, we are getting our money's worth out of it..