Friday, 16 January 2015

Pot Belly Pig ? Not me surely.


IMG_5670 With the stoppage now in force at Braunston locks we decided to have a walk up the flight and see what was going on. With the locks closed there is plenty of room to moor below the bottom lock. The closure is for lock and gate repairs and it should be completed by the 6th of February.

IMG_5680Empty pounds on the Braunston flight and doesn't it look strange.

IMG_5690I always thought it would be a good smooth bottom to the pounds and not full of rocks.

IMG_5682This is next to the mooring bollards in this pound. It just goes to show that you haven't got a clue what is below you , Just imagine the damage this could do to your hull.

IMG_5693The pound below Braunston top lock.

IMG_5697Canal and River Trust workers putting in the stop planks before the top lock and then dropping sand down to seal the planks and stop the water leaking through in to the lock.

IMG_5674How different does it look ? .

IMG_5673The locks are fenced off from the bottom lock to the top lock .

IMG_5705 This boat was moored below the bottom lock.  What a strange name for a Narrowboat. I'm sure there must be a good reason why they gave it this name. Carolyn said i should have stood next to the boat name and let her take a photo ….I'm not sure why though !!!!

                                                                                                           Happy Days


  1. Thanx for posting these pics of Braunston Locks, very interesting to see what hazards lie beneath the at the edge.
    See anything worth fishing out with your magnet. When it happened last time we got some windlasses and a sea-searcher!
    The rubbish point was like that when we were there two weeks ago. We wonder if the locals come and dump theirs too.
    Ann and Keith nb Oakfield

  2. Hi Ann and Keith, some friends of ours did what you did and got out some windlasses . A short while later a couple of CaRT workers saw what they were doing and went mad at them . Apparently they look on it as their perk and sell them for their Xmas party...the rubbish point is now even worse than when I took that photo and as for the water point you needed wellies to use it...