Thursday, 26 December 2013

Xmas at Fenny Stratford

On Monday i gave into her ladyship and agreed to go to Ikea. It was about a mile away which was no problem , but what i didn't count on was how far you walk inside the store. Follow the arrows the sign says and you seem to walk for miles . I must admit it is very clever as you have to walk past every item they sell and there seems to be no way of taking a shortcut.  We did end up spending £2.50 on a cutlery stand so it wasn't so bad.

fenny xmas 003

                                                                                   Strange looking sky over Fenny Stratford.

fenny xmas 017

After a superb Christmas roast Turkey lunch with all the trimmings there was only one thing to do , open another bottle of wine…..No no said Carolyn you are going to have a good long walk. So after watching Her Majesty at 3 o clock we set off. The lock at Fenny Stratford is about 150 yards in front of our mooring and it only has a rise in level of 12 inches .It was built to lower the level in the canal from here to Cosgrove as that stretch of canal lost so much water due to leakage in the top foot of the cut. The lock is also one of the few locks left with a swing bridge in the middle of it.

fenny xmas 021

                                On our walk up the towpath we came across this boat.  (Abbie Louise is our granddaughters name.)

fenny xmas 038

                                     After a good walk up the towpath and around Fenny it was back to Inca and another bottle of wine.  Glug glug…….

                                                                     Happy Days


  1. That's one of the strangest skies I've ever seen,it's got a face and everything.

    1. Hi Stan
      Do you think someone is looking down on us ?.
      And a Happy new year to you both