Thursday, 19 December 2013

To Fenny

We had intended to move on Monday but due to the high winds we decided to stay at Giffard Park.

to fenny 004

And it was a good job we stayed as who should turn up but Paul and Jill from Nb Falcon. Like us they come from Devon. We spent a couple of hours in the pub catching up and talking. And as usual the conversation got around to pump outs and toilets and even composting toilets which we may look into in the future…. . It was very good to see you both , Have a good Christmas and enjoy your cruise. .We will catch up with you in the new year.

to fenny 026
On Tuesday we pulled pins at 08.30 and headed straight onto the water point at Giffard park . It is one of the slower taps on the Grand union but as we are never in that much of a hurry it doesn't really mater.

We were lucky to pick up a mooring at Campbell park as it is always very popular here due to its proximity to the shopping centre at Milton Keynes.The only problem was that the towpath was so low. And with both of us having short legs we had to use a step to get on and off Inca.

to fenny 038
                                                                          On Wednesday with a lovely sunny day we had a walk down to Willen Lake.

to fenny 041

                     We spotted this water skiing on cables and thought we would give it a go…...But guess what……….It was closed…...Oh well !

to fenny 049

                                          Carolyn was taken with this piece of art in Campbell Park that over looks the moorings. It is made out of 1 inch steel plate.

to fenny 051

At 09.20 on Thursday we pulled pins and headed south towards Fenny Stratford. On the way we came across all of this boaters gold (wood). It looked so lonely on the bank. But it looks a lot better on our roof and it will look even better when its in the fire…….Free heat !!!!!!!!!!!!!

to fenny 052

We thought we would struggle to get a mooring at Fenny Stratford, but as it was there were several available. Carolyn loves it here because there are loads and loads of shops. We did a Tesco shop in the afternoon and no doubt we will do several more before Christmas. There is also an IKEA just up the road and as i have never been to one before i have been told by her ladyship that i have to go tomorrow and that i will enjoy it……..enjoy shopping ? …….     I don't think so.

The mooring here has good TV and Internet but the towpath is a bit wet. But that's just a part of winter cruising. We may well spend Christmas here but you never know. When you get that urge to move you just have to move.


                                                              Happy Days

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