Sunday, 29 December 2013

Stoke Hammond

After 10 days at Fenny Stratford it was time to leave. Carolyn had spent out in the shops and even Hamish and Molly had a shampoo and cut at the local Pets at home. And at £35 for each dog i am still in a state of shock.  And with also paying out £150 for diesel and coal I'm in a state of double shock.

to stoke 002

           We pulled pins on Sunday at 09.00 with a good frost on the roof and the temperature at just over 1 deg C.  A bit cooler than India coops ?

to stoke 008

It was then through the lock and straight onto the water point. We hadn't filled with water since arriving here so we were getting low. We also tend to run the washing machine before filling as it takes over 10 gallons to do one wash and if no one is waiting for water we hang around until its finished.

to stoke 015

                                When we were approaching Stoke Hammond we came across the canal frozen with a thin layer of ice.

to stoke 030

                                      Our mooring just before Stoke Hammond lock. As you can see we have this stretch all to ourselves…..Lovely !!

to stoke 024

                          Wonder women at work !!! With the good weather today we decided to get all the wood on the roof cut up into logs.

to stoke 026

                                                       There that looks better. With all that wood and coal on the roof we are not going to be cold.

to stoke 028

                                        The view from our front room window. It looks out over the river Ouzel and the Ouzel valley…..Not bad is it .

The weather people say we are back in for more stormy weather so we will stay here for the next few days. We have good TV and 5 megs of internet.

This is probably our second favourite mooring after Grafton Regis so as long as we don't get frozen in we will be ok.

Our next move will be up Stoke Hammond lock then the 3 Soulbury locks and onto Linslade and Leighton Buzzard.

                                                                  Happy Days


  1. Thank you very much Nicolas, And a very happy new year to you and your family.