Friday, 9 June 2017



IMG_4115We pulled pins from Litherland at 07.45 for our redezvous with the Canal and River Trust who would work us through swing bridges number 6 and number 9 . This is number 9 and there were a few frustrated car drivers having to wait for us to go through as it’s a very busy road. We now have a couple of days to get to Tarleton and then our booking to cross the Ribble link which will take us up to The Lancaster Canal.

IMG_4126We passed this on the way and I have not got a clue what it’s about . I did wonder at first what he was holding and doing with it .

IMG_4129If ever you are up this way and need diesel or gas I can recommend Scarisbrick marina . They were extremely helpful and very friendly and the diesel was only 68 ppl . (self declaration)

IMG_4144Arriving at Burscough for the night we met up with fellow boater Wyndham and enjoyed a drink on the towpath, just like you do .

IMG_4157The following morning and we pulled pins at 07.25 and made our way to the Rufford branch of The Leeds and Liverpool Canal . We have 7 locks to do and this will take us all the way up to Tarleton. As you can see the ground paddles on these locks are on the edge and you have to lean out over the lock to operate them . Not only that but they were very heavy and Carolyn didn’t like standing on the edge and also didn’t have the strength to wind the paddles. Its not often that she admits defeat, So it was me to the rescue this time !

IMG_4177Just our luck to meet a widebeam Hotel boat on a very shallow part of the canal. We ended up going hard aground and had a few problems getting off.

IMG_4182This is the moorings at Tarleton and we are the first of 4 boats that are going on the Ribble link in the morning.

IMG_4207We had a walk up to the very pleasant village which is only a couple of hundred yards from the moorings . I can highly recommend this butcher and we will no doubt stock up from him again when we come back this way.

IMG_4186This is the lock that will drop us down onto The tidal River Douglas and then out to The tidal River Ribble and then in to Savick Brook and up a set of locks and on to The Lancaster Canal.

IMG_4187This is one thing that I have always wanted to do and have looked forward to it for so many years . There are so many stories about the link and it is something I just have to experience . On the other hand Carolyn is not at all happy as you can see and has dreaded doing it ever since I booked it last year. I don’t think she has anything to worry about and I’m sure once she has done it she will be fine. Now roll on 08.30 tomorrow morning


                                                                                                            Happy Days


  1. I hope it all goes well! We are down on the Stratford - just a tad different to where you are!

  2. Hi Marilyn and David . We enjoyed the Stratford . Are you going down onto The Avon ? If so it's one of our favourite rivers and a real delight . Enjoy !!

  3. Great encouraging post. Full of good info. Can't believe Jan & Tom didn't manage to get up there before they sold up and headed back to Oz. Looking forward to more about the Lancaster.

  4. Hi Ade , Been an eye opener for us , far better than we thought it would be . Well worth it if ever get the chance.