Sunday, 11 June 2017


IMG_4342We woke after a good nights sleep to beautiful Sunshine and the buzz from the nearby factory that we were moored just a couple of hundred yards away from .

IMG_4345Pulling pins at 09.30 which was late for us, we took this picture of the buzzing factory as we headed North on The Lancaster canal .

IMG_4339We then spotted this sign after a short distance up the canal and started to wonder what sort of a factory it was that we spent the night outside of .
It turns out that it’s Springfields which is a nuclear fuel production installation  The site is currently operated by Springfields Fuels Limited which has a 150-year lease from the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority. Since its conversion from a munitions factory in 1946, it has previously been operated and managed by a number of different organisations including the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority and British Nuclear Fuels. Fuel products are produced for the UK’s nuclear power stations and for international customers.The site has been making nuclear fuels since the mid-1940s. The site is notable for being the first nuclear plant in the world to produce fuel for a commercial power station at Calder Hall.  Anyway we survived the night although we both seemed to have a glow about us, and we have lived to cruise another day !!!!.

IMG_4351As we cruised along we noticed all these markers which reminded us a bit of The Macclesfield canal where they have mile posts similar to this.

IMG_4387We eventually picked up this mooring just before Bilsborrow and decided to get the BBQ out for the first time this year .Luckily we still had some excellent sausages left from the butchers in Tarleton and they went down a treat with a bit of steak and a glass or three of the red stuff.

                                                                                                              Happy Days

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