Sunday, 25 June 2017

Leaving the Lancaster

IMG_4788The winds had dropped and we had been informed by Canal and River Trust that our passage across the Ribble Link to Tarleton was on. But first I had to my good deed of the day and turn this boat around for this novice lady boater. She did start to try and do it but got in a bit of a mess and asked for help.

IMG_4803We were then dropped down the bottom lock and onto Savick Brook.

IMG_4813It’s very shallow and narrow and you have to look out for some of the hazards on the way.

IMG_4815Arriving at the Sea lock and with the light on red we had a near 2 hour wait for the tide to come in and get to the same level as Savick brook.

IMG_4817With the light turning green we were the first boat out with seven boats following us.

IMG_4821You can see that the lock gate has gone back under the water allowing the boats to go over the top of it.

IMG_4833Onto The Ribble and we seem to have a small Flotilla, what a great sight .

IMG_4838Approaching the Asland lamp 5 mile perch and if we carry we will end up in the Irish sea which you can see in the distance.

IMG_4845In the end Carolyn persuaded me to turn to the left although I must admit there was something in me that wanted to carry straight on. By this stage there was a big distance opening up between the boats which wasn’t so bad as it will give the Lockies plenty of time to lock the boats up with out them all being stacked up outside the lock.

IMG_4855We passed this guy who was on his way out for a sail.

IMG_4859I just love rivers and tidal waters and am now planning are next river and tidal experience in a month or so , but don’t mention it to Carolyn.

IMG_4875After one hour and fifty minutes we arrived at Tarleton lock where we were greeted by the Lock keeper Harry and his crew. Yet again another enjoyable cruise across The Ribble link and yet again I would recommend it to all boaters not just for the crossing but for The Lancaster Canal which is real gem .

IMG_4907Back on The Rufford branch and we decided to push on to Parbold where we knew we could moor and pick up a few bits and pieces from the local shops.

IMG_4910This is the end of The Rufford branch where we are filling with water and then through the bridge hole it’s a turn left and back to the rest of the canal network or right in to Liverpool . We did have a booking for Liverpool from the 29th June to the 6th July which we booked when we first thought we wouldn’t make Liverpool back in May. After making other plans for the end of June which have now very disappointingly at a late stage fallen through we cancelled the booking which we now wish we hadn’t done .
Never mind and as I said before we now have new plans for more Rivers and tidal waters and can’t wait to start the next part of our adventure, although it will take us a few weeks of travelling over some canals we have done before and a new one to us before we start that part of our Summer cruise.
                                                                                                                Happy Days


  1. So either the Wash or the Severn Im guessing Happy Days was a great trip to read about up the Lanky

  2. Hi Ade , I so want to do the tidal Severn and the Wash , but persuading Carolyn will be a big problem . Although our son has said he would be happy to come with me on the Severn leaving Carolyn to do the trip by land. A trip for the future hopefully.

  3. enjoyed the blog interesting xx