Thursday, 8 June 2017

Out of Liverpool


IMG_4045This is it and it’s time to pull ropes from around cleats and head off out of Liverpool . We had to be at the first lock for 08.00 and would then be assisted all the way out .

IMG_4054This is the first time we have ever seen a Jellyfish whilst living aboard Inca.

IMG_4076With the Canal and River Trust Lockies having got our lock ready we head straight in and start our journey up The Stanley lock flight and then back to Litherland where we have to wait for Hamish to be dropped back to us after his holiday on a farm for the week that’s just outside of Liverpool.

IMG_4088This is us back on near enough the same mooring we had a week ago when we were on our way in to Liverpool . Again we will top up the cupboards and the wine cellar from the Tesco that is next to the mooring.

IMG_4086Liverpool has been absolutely brilliant and we have enjoyed every single minute of it , but there is one down side and that is getting in and out of there. What a lot of boaters will do is to get in and then out in one day and not stop at the moorings in Litherland which are supposed to be secure moorings and to a certain degree they are. You have to remember that from bridge 10 and all the way in to Liverpool it is classed as bandit country and even Canal and River Trust do not advise mooring anywhere overnight on that stretch. One of the boaters that we were in the dock with said that he was shot at with either a Air riffle or a BB gun when he came through Netherton.

We spent 2 nights in Litherland on the way in and 1 on the way out and in that time we witnessed fights ,motorbikes all day and night on the towpath and fires being lit on the towpath . We then had 2 lads who climbed over the security fence and starting drinking cans of beer on one of the benches outside our boat , they said it looked like a nice place to drink. A boat that moored at Litherland the night before we came out had an attempted break in on their boat at 01.39 and the guy on board chased 2 people off , it was reported to Crt as was everything that we witnessed. Then not forgetting the boat that was stoned on his way in as well. I did take several photos of what happened but have decided not to post them. I think the picture of the camera in the cage which is just down from the Litherland moorings gives you an idea about the area. We have met several other boaters and even have friends that have done it with no problems at all. As usual it’s just the few that make it bad as most of the people we met in Litherland were very pleasent and welcoming.  It won’t put us off coming again and maybe next time we will not stop so long at Litherland.


                                                                                                                   Happy Days


  1. I was wondering where Hamish was! is Liverpool no good for walkies?

    1. Hi Debby and Dave . The problem with Hamish is that he doesn't like being left alone for very long which always limits what we can do .There was also hot weather forecast for our time there and there was no way we could leave him on Inca . We had so much we wanted to do and see that we decided to give him a holiday . It actually worked out very well and we wish we had done the same when we went to London .

  2. Hi Gary, don't be a tease, show us the pics lol :) I bet Hamish was happy to see you both after his holiday, i think you did the right thing esp in hot weather,so many people walk their dogs on pavements that are to hot for dog pads, ie if the pavement feels hot to the back of your hand its to hot for a dogs pads. Have never heard of a jelly fish in a canal, i thought they were salt water dwellers,shows how much i know about jellyfish hehe. Keep up the good work and happy wanderings to Carolyn and you :)