Friday, 27 January 2017

Out and about


IMG_0825As you can see we have the most perfect mooring in Banbury . It’s right next to Spiceball park which is ideal for the number one ship’s dog Hamish. With plenty of Rabbits for him to chase he is in his element. The only problem being is that the Rabbits are far too fast for Hamish and he never manages to catch one.

IMG_0863Also next to our mooring is the Spiceball leisure centre. Carolyn being keen on her fitness has taken out a Months membership at the centre even though we won’t be here that long, it just worked out cheaper to do it that way instead of paying for all the individual workouts. So far she has signed up for Aquafit, 20-20-20  ,body pump ,boot camp, legs burns and turns and circuit training . It makes me feel tired just thinking about it.

IMG_0820As always if there’s a Wetherspoons near to us we usually end up visiting it. Here in Banbury we have The Exchange and no doubt this will not be our only visit.

IMG_0823There was no way that we were going to walk past Poundland with a sale like this on. The sale was down to 50 pence and now it’s 25 pence .It seems that the shop is closing down and everything needs to go. Needless to say it was just the same old crap just at a cheaper price. We did though buy a couple of packets of Pork scratchings which I love, Last of the big spenders…

With another week or so here we have a few things planned just as long as we can squeeze them in with Carolyn’s exercise programme.

                                                                                                              Happy Days

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