Tuesday, 24 January 2017



IMG_0794On a grey day we pulled pins at 08.30 from our mooring above the lock at Cropredy. We passed this boat before the lock and it looks like someone enjoys their music.

IMG_0800After filling with water and getting shot of the waste at Cropredy services we soon passed this guy and what a miserable old git he is . We gave him a wave and a smile but he just ignored us . It’s not like we were speeding or anything like that. Anyway Carolyn said he is no different to me ,although I don’t know what she means by that.

IMG_0810A couple of miles outside of Banbury and how lucky are we to see this Chap in the reeds next to the canal . I think it’s a Roe Deer ,but I might be wrong. How about that for a bit of Camouflage, I think this is the closest we have ever been to a wild Deer.

IMG_0814As you enter Banbury there are always a couple of miserable looking Donkeys in this field. When we come back this way in a couple of weeks we will make sure that we have a few Carrots that we can throw to them as we pass just to cheer them up a bit.

IMG_0818After a good two and a half cruise with just four locks we are lucky enough to pick up the mooring we wanted . It’s right in front of Tom Rolt bridge and next to Spiceball park and the Spiceball Leisure centre. It’s then it’s just a small hop away from the main town of Banbury. It seems like with her Ladyship being happy here having signed up at the leisure centre for several activities this will do us for the next week or so.

                                                                                                            Happy Days


  1. The deer looks very like the Muntjac deer we have visiting our garden and the copses near us. Lovely little things but they are very timid.

    1. Hi Arthur. We feel so lucky that we had the chance to see this deer. We have seen a couple of Muntjac and as you say they are very timid and soon run off when they see us ......