Thursday, 5 January 2017

Held hostage


IMG_0501Still at Browmover near Rugby and we are being held hostage in Inca . For some reason this swan will not let us leave the boat at the front he just stands his ground and hisses at us. So what we have to do is have one of us distract at the front while the other legs it out the back.

IMG_0507With friends Rich and Sharon moored just a few miles away from us we had an offer we just couldn’t refuse. Rich offered to come and pick us up in his car and go for an afternoon tipple on their award winning boat NB Oakapple. It’s one of the few boats that we know of that has a beautiful diesel range. Every time we go aboard Carolyn always comments about us having one fitted in Inca . (In her dreams). Yet again a great afternoon with great hosts…

IMG_0498We are still surprised that after several days we were the only ones moored on the Parkside at Brownover . I know it is supposed to have a bit of a reputation as a bad area ,but we have moored here loads of times and never experienced any problems ourselves.

IMG_0512With Curly arriving for a week or so we are soon off down to stock up at the local Tesco. It took us twice as long as usual to do a shop ,I think that men just go in to a shop get what they want and are out again asap. But Girls just have to look at everything even if they have no intention of buying it.

IMG_0518I think these are brilliant and they are on a pedestrian underpass in Brownsover. It’s also good to see that the local Scroats have not painted all over it as they have under some of the canal bridges in this area.

IMG_0516The first idiot boat of the day ice breaks it’s way past our mooring . Hopefully he just took off his blacking and not ours.

IMG_0529Walking on water !  ..What a clever Duck.

IMG_0521With the ice nearly gone we heard the noise of a lovely thumping old engine coming around the corner . As soon as we saw all that smoke from the exhaust we just knew it was friends Rich and Sharon on NB Oakapple. (All cutting wit of course !!!)

Tomorrow we will move to Hillmorton and meet up with Rich and Sharon on NB Oakapple and Keith and Ann on Nb Oakfield and we will all cruise together in to Braunston to meet up with Gary and Della on NB Muleless.

                                                                                                               Happy Days


  1. loved your blog some nice pics good 0ne of Carolyn & abbie shopping

  2. Curly being trained in the art of shopping !

  3. Hi Gary & Carolyn,
    Probably too cold for the idiots to congregate in the park at the moment and that new water point makes it a little awkward. Mind you, Rachael & I have never had a problem mooring in Brownsover although Mick & Eli (NB Parisian Star) had to move in the middle of the night once, because of drunken yobs. On the bright side, I think these problems are few and far between now.
    Regards, Kelvin (NB Serafina)