Sunday, 15 January 2017

Heading South


IMG_0677We had a late start from Braunston pulling pins at 10.15 and soon passed this poor old boat which is now probably not worth the effort of restoring  . We always enjoy the run from Braunston to Napton as its a good two and a half hours with no locks and a great bit of countryside to cruise through.

IMG_0682What's the betting that when we come back this way in a few weeks this boat will be sat on the bottom.. Watch this space.

IMG_0690I think this is a very good idea for storing all your coal ,wood and tools and wouldn’t it make a great workshop. Although Carolyn thinks it would make a great boat for me to live on while she has all of Inca to enjoy by herself.

IMG_0697After filling with water and getting shot of waste we headed up the Napton flight of locks. After going up the first lock we came across this sunken boat. With no name and no sign of a licence no doubt it will be us law abiding boaters who will have to stump through our licence fee to get it removed.

IMG_0700Curly yet again taking over from Carolyn and locking Inca up through the flight. We ended up with Carolyn going ahead to set the next lock while Curly with a little bit of help locked us up to the top.

IMG_0703Being an ex Motor Mechanic I’m always interested to see what cars they have at the top of the flight at Marston Doles. I’m not sure if the guy is a collector or he buys and sells ,but there is usually a good selection of older desirable cars on site.

IMG_0716We had always intended to stop at Marston Doles but didn’t realise that the moorings here were designated Winter moorings. Luckily there was no one on the end mooring and as the rules say if the mooring is empty then you are welcome to use it. If we were to pay for this mooring it would have cost us £6.50 a meter a month and at 18 meters long I think we will carry on continuously cruising ,or for a few quid more go in to a marina where you have full facilities.



With cold weather predicted and a need to be close to a road for our daughter Chloe to come and pick up Curly this will do us for a couple of days.


                                                                                                          Happy Days

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