Sunday, 6 April 2014

Well oiled

We pulled pins at Gifford park at 09.45 on Friday and cruised for 5 hours eventually arriving at our favourite all time mooring at Grafton Regis.

to grafton 007                                             Carolyn fell in love with these 2 on route at Cosgrove lock………. No she is not having one.

to grafton 020                                                   The view from our mooring up towards the village of Grafton Regis.

to grafton 029                                                         One for Curly… That 2 headed sheep is still here and she has just had 4 lambs.

After a good night at Grafton Regis we pulled pins at 11.30 on Saturday morning which was very late for us. For some reason we just couldn't get going.

back to wilton 002                                      At the bottom of Stoke Bruerne lock flight we topped up with water and got rid of the rubbish.

back to wilton 004We were joined on the flight by Roger and Kim on Nb Rearsby .It was good to meet you both and hope your repairs go well. Its always good to share the locks as it saves water and all the work doing the locks is cut in half.

back to wilton 017                          A short distance after the top lock at Stoke Bruerne you enter the 3076 yards of the soaking wet Blissworth tunnel.

back to wilton 020This is the view you get just after entering the tunnel. Blissworth is a very straight tunnel and in the centre of the picture you can just about see the other end. Yet again we got absolutely soaked but had a good old laugh all the way through. We didn't meet any other boats coming in the opposite direction and did it in 29 minutes which is the quickest we have ever done it.

back to wilton 036 We picked up this rural mooring just the other side of Gayton Junction….Ideal for Train spotting .We stopped at about 15.30 as we wanted to watch the Grand national. What another waste of money that was . Carolyn said i should have picked the winner as it had a connection with wine.

On Sunday with the wind picking up we pulled pins at 09.00 and started heading towards Whilton . The wind got worse as the morning went on and on a couple of occasions we ended up going down the canal sideways. If it had got much stronger we would have had to stop.We eventually arrived after 3 hours of a windy cruise and picked up a mooring below the bottom Buckby lock .

back to wilton 043                                                On the way we passed this boat….Why would you have a ball towing hitch on the back of a boat ?

back to wilton 044                                          Carolyn says this boat name describes me perfectly …..I don't know what she means.

back to wilton 057            Inca on the far left , Moored again opposite Whilton Marina with the M1 Motorway on one side of us and the High speed train on the other.

back to wilton 060                      Buckby bottom lock with plenty of water going over the top. The overflow was caused by a boat locking down in the lock above.

With Daughter Chloe and Granddaughter Curly coming to visit on Tuesday we have to decide if to stay here or move up the Buckby flight to Norton junction in the morning….. Decisions decisions……

                                                                   Happy Days


  1. The ball towing hitch might be to attach one of those bicycle holders you put on the back of cars ?

    1. Yes , good point ,that's probably what it's for. We did look at doing something similar to get the bike off the roof. But with my steering in and out of locks it wouldn't be long before we bent the bike.