Sunday, 20 April 2014

Heavier and lighter

We have had a very busy few days down in Devon.  The weather has been very good and we have had a good time meeting up with family and friends. We took advantage of having a car and Carolyn hit the shops and bought more clothes which is ok but i don't know where we will put them all. The plan always was when you buy new clothes you throw something out to make room for the new item as there is very limited storage space on a narrowboat. But try telling a women that !.
curly 005                                                             On the last morning in the hotel we had a final walk along Goodrington beach.
On Friday we got the call from Debdale marina to say all the work on Inca was finished and she would be put back in the water later that afternoon. So as we would be travelling back to Debdale on Saturday and it being Carolyn's birthday we went out on Friday night for a birthday dinner and a good-bye to everyone.
zinc bottom 004After 4 hours of travelling on Saturday we went into Market Harborough and did a small shop as all the shops are closed on Sunday for Easter. We will do a big shop on Monday and stock up with the bulky items (Like wine, wine and bit more wine). It was then back to the marina and our first sight of Inca. And doesn't she look good.
zinc bottom 001The hull is now so smooth. We spoke to one of the guys that did the work and he said the hull was in perfect condition and there was not a single pit or rust spot on the hull . We now have the ultimate hull protection with molten Zinc having been sprayed on the base plate and the Hull sides up to the top rubbing strake. I'm not sure how much heavier Inca is now with all that metal sprayed on her but i know my wallet is considerably lighter. But we are sure it was worth it …And after all Inca is our home.
zinc bottom 010                                                             We also now have a lovely new red stern band as the old one was grit blasted away.
zinc bottom 009We now have a couple of days of marina life. The hire car has to be back on Tuesday morning so as soon as that is done we will untie and start our new journey. More about that later…
zinc bottom 026                                                                After a week in kennels it was bath time for Molly and Hamish.
zinc bottom 022                                                                                                            Happy Birthday Carolyn . You don't look a day over ??.
                                                                                                              Happy Days

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