Saturday, 18 January 2014


We are still at Yelvertoft  and we had planned to move today  (Saturday) but after waking to heavy rain and winds we made the decision to stay for another day.



yelvertoft 015

A short walk away is the village of Yelvertoft. A very upmarket  place with houses built of red brick and they even have a reading room. It does have its own post office/village store and a butchers. We bought some lovely black cured bacon and a free range chicken and for a village butchers it wasn't that expensive. Amazing as it may be but Carolyn came out of a shop having only spent 50 pence on a newspaper

yelvertoft 016

                               No visit is complete until we have had a wonder around the local church…… No Carolyn i don't think i want to end up in this one.

yelvertoft 021

A bit of sunshine and a few amps from the solar panels are most welcome. The most we get at this time of the year with full sun is about 7 amps.

Tomorrow (Sunday) the plan is to get up early and do as many miles as possible. I would like to be stopped by half past one and have a mooring with good internet….Spurs on sky go…Come on you Spurs.

We are heading for the famous Foxton locks and then a right turn at the bottom lock then into Market Harborough. Then after a day or two we will go back up the Foxton flight and head towards the Welford arm and the village of Welford and have a couple of days in the basin at the end of the arm.

                                     Happy Days

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