Tuesday, 21 January 2014


Welcome to the one hundredth post we have posted. It all started last March with the survey on a narrow boat called Inca. A lot has happened since then, we have had our ups and downs and even one or two crossed words (Well maybe six or seven crossed words ). Anyway we are still hear and enjoying the life.

On Sunday we pulled pins at 08.00 and set off for Foxton top lock moorings.

foxton 011

                                  It wasn't long before Carolyn spotted these aeroplanes having a race !!! . Well i must admit you couldn't see the cable.

foxton 024

                                                                          A bit blurred but we are working on it. Trouble is they wont sit still for very long.

foxton 048

After 5 hours cruising and going through a fishing match of miserable anglers we arrived at our destination and moored before the bridge and 24 hour moorings. We have been to Foxton a couple of times before but only as Gongoozlers.(Canal watchers). After mooring Inca we took a walk down the flight. As usual there were hundreds of people milling about . But there were no boats going through the flight. Apparently there were no boats all of last week and only 2 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday. In the summer months boats are cued at the top and the bottom locks.

foxton 054

                                                             At the bottom of the locks we walked over to the site of the old Inclined plane.

foxton 055

The view from the top. Boats were put into Large counter balanced tanks which were on the rails you can see and then raised and lowered on the plane. It opened in 1900 and only lasted until 1910 when it became clear that the railways were taking most of the trade away from the canals and it was not economically viable to keep it open.

foxton 058

                                                                                                         The top of the Inclined plane.

Tomorrow we plan to head down the Foxton flight. The locks open at 09.00 so we plan to be at the top lock and be first in the cue. Not that we expect there to be a cue.

                                                            Happy Days

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