Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Wet Welford

We spent last Wednesday night moored at the junction of the Welford arm. While moored out in the country we made the most of the wide towpath and logged up the rest of the wood on the roof. Our wood stock is getting down and there doesn't seem to be a lot around at the moment perhaps a good storm is needed to blow some trees down.

welford 1 003

On Thursday morning we pulled pins at 10 o'clock and headed up the Welford once there and picked up this mooring just before the end. Its a 14 day mooring but i don't think we will be here that long….But you never know.

welford 1 009

          On our first walk up to the village we came across this old Traction engine. The driver was busy lubricating the moving parts..

welford 1 020

                                                                 “Look” said Hamish…..”Spring is here”……….. Don't count on it

welford 1 018

                      One for my old work mates ….. We came across this, its the Welford STW… It has 8 rbc’s…. with reed beds….WOW !!!!!!!

welford 1 024

      For some reason it is ok for this boat to moor on the water point . He has now been there for 24 hours…Naughty naughty!!!!!!!

welford 1 027

On Saturday afternoon we had an almighty thunder and lightning storm followed by a hail storm. The skies turned black and all the marina lights came on and the noise on the roof was unbelievable. You can see the hail hitting the water then settling on top.

welford 1 032

                                                                                                 The hail building up on the back of Inca.

We are in no hurry to move at the moment. There are loads of walks although very muddy and we have all the facilities we need. The weather is not that brilliant but we have been out during breaks in the rain. We don't have to be in Braunston until mid February when we have our hull inspection and our Bss (4 yearly boat mot/safety check) Oh! and to check what happened to the rudder when i had my dopey moment and caught the cill on Buckby top lock. Could be an expensive job..

ps   The boat on the water point did eventually move.

                                                    Happy Days


  1. You can afford it, what with all that free heating you have been getting! Nice blog as usual, and no spelling mistakes this time!

  2. We are running out of wood and I am starting to panic. Will keep an eye on the spilling mistaks but after a few glases of wine they tend to creip in to the text....xxxxx