Friday, 31 January 2014

Wild Wet and windy Winter Weather in Welford

After some awful weather we are still up the end of the Welford arm.Even the walks around the village are now becoming quagmires . Its not so bad for us but the dogs having short legs and being white get caked in mud. If ever we have another dog we will make sure its a dark colour……I was just wondering if they do a brown dye for dogs…. ?

welford 2 001

                                We had a dry spell on Tuesday and made the most of it by taking Molly and Hamish for a walk around Welford reservoir.

welford 2 011

                    There are two reservoirs separated by this dam. There is then a valve in the middle to control the flow from one to the other.

welford 2 010

  This is Sulby reservoir the higher of the two reservoirs . They were both built to feed into the summit level of the Grand union canal and keep the levels up .

                                                                      welford2 006

                                                             I know what she's thinking………………..That's a good plot for Gary !.

welford2 003

                                                                                        This pair reminds me of some people i know.

welford2 008

                                A lot of churchyards we walk around have headstones all around the outer walls , but we are not sure why.

welford2 018

   This is the most aggressive swan we have come across. He pecks on the side of the boat then when you open the side hatch to feed him he attacks you.

welford2 010

These two chaps came by in their little boat. One of them walked along the towpath with his tape measure while the one in the boat measured the depth of the canal across its width. You would think in this day and age they would have some hi-Tec piece of kit to do the same job.

Today (Friday) after our Tesco delivery we had lunch in The Wharf Inn which is very handy as its only a hundred yards from our mooring. And surprise surprise it was very good food and a very good pint….Just the ticket.

We will try and move this weekend as we feel we have been here too long and also there is now no wood on the roof . We have a couple of days worth of wood in the boat but after that we will be burning coal in the day which we don't like doing because it costs us money, and remember after all…..  I am just a young age pensioner !!!

                                                                    Happy Days

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