Saturday, 10 August 2013

Stoke Bruerne

On Tuesday morning it was an early start as we wanted to cover the 14 miles to Cosgrove. On route we stopped at Fenny Stratford to take on water and get rid of rubbish .

Just as you leave Fenny Stratford you pass this factory which makes flavourings for foods. You get all sorts of lovely aromas when you pass.

 What a name for a boat. We passed this boat at Milton Keynes (Apparently it's the name of a beer from the USA)
On route we had another run in with a Wyvern hire boat. This idiot pulled into the side to moor up. So we passed him in the centre of the canal. He then changed his mind and decided not to stop .The idiot pulled out and went into the side of us. Yet another scratch to be filled in.
Then it was all the way around Milton Keynes with a stop at Wolverton for Carolyn and Curly to do a Tesco shop.

                             Curly with no fear of heights going over the Cosgrove aqueduct.

We had a quiet night at Cosgrove and on Wednesday we had another early start to travel the short distance to Grafton .

Soon after mooring at Grafton it was out with the fishing rod and Curly soon started catching fish. We spent most of the day fishing and ended up with over 20 fish mostly small Bream, Roach and Perch.
The evening was spent having one of my famous (burnt) barbecues.
                                    The evening was rounded off with a spot of Bat watching.

Friday we moved on to Stoke Bruerne as we wanted to have a look around the canal museum.We got a good mooring 2 locks below the village on the 24 hour moorings.(There are signs up to say that Cart (Canal and River Trust) will soon be charging £25 a night if you over stay!).

                                                       Our mooring at Stoke Bruerne.

        Carolyn in the Canal museum imagining what we would have looked like a 150 years ago.

                                    Curly enjoyed looking at all the old painted canal ware.

The day was rounded off with Carolyn riding on Curly's electric scooter. She enjoyed it so much now she wants one.

We plan to make another early start tomorrow as after the 2 top locks at Stoke we have to go through the 3000 yards of the Blisworth tunnel and there is also a big canal festival on at Blisworth this weekend .So the canal is going to be very busy.
 We then plan to move onto Bugbrooke where we will remain until Monday.

                                                   Happy days



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