Monday, 5 August 2013

Bye mum

On Saturday morning the girls had a bike ride up to the shop in Stoke Hammond to get some milk and a newspaper for me.... Just 2 items.

After an hour they returned with milk but no newspaper "Oh we forgot it, We must do a list next time" they said ......

                                        The afternoon was spent doing towpath hairdressing.

                                                                 That looks better.

     Sunday morning arrived and it was time for Chloe to go back down to Devon....Bye mum see you in 2 weeks.

                                          When we got back to Inca this boat passed us.

                 The owner says he uses the back as a wine cellar.....Now that's got me thinking.

                                       Please Carolyn.........."Can I have one of those for Inca"
After a couple of hours of fishing for fish and catching nothing Curly decided to do some magnet fishing. This is done with a sea searcher magnet which is very powerful.

                                              And all she caught was a few rusty nails.

With rain being forecast for Monday we have decided to spend another day at Stoke Hammond but will move on Tuesday when the good weather returns and head towards Cosgrove. We will need to refill with water and get rid of rubbish so hopefully we should be able to do it on our way through Fenny Stratford.

                                     SOLAR UPDATE

With the rain on Monday it gave me the opportunity to fit an extra battery to the domestic battery bank. I have fitted an additional 110 amp battery . With the solar panels fully charging the batteries by mid morning in full sun it seemed a shame not to harness the energy.  We now have 5 batteries at 110 amps giving us 550 amps of power when fully charged. The only thing you have to be careful with is that you do not let the batteries go below 50% of charge as this will damage the batteries. So in reality we only have 225 amps of power to play with.We still have not needed to run the engine on days we stay still and we have really noticed how little diesel we now use....Result!
                                                Happy days

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